Jul 23

Straight boys group wank

This is an interesting update from the Spunk Worthy site, but one I wanted to share with you guys just for the fun of it. There’s a couple of videos you might want to check out there, one of Nevin, Hugh, and Alec enjoying their first LA Pride and getting a little playful in front of a leering crowd, and the other a three boy wank session in the back of the car on the way back.

I’m not sure how I feel about these adult sites appearing at Pride events, especially sites like Spunk Worthy. I’m already wondering whether Pride is something we should consign to history for most countries. It’s become an excuse for getting drunk and naked, it’s not a real political thing these days.

Still, regardless of that, seeing these three straight boys wanking out some cum in the back of the car is worth seeing!

Straight boys wanking together 1 Straight boys wanking together 2 Straight boys wanking together 3 Straight boys wanking together 4 Straight boys wanking together 5 Straight boys wanking together 6 Straight boys wanking together 7 Straight boys wanking together 8 Straight boys wanking together 9

Jul 12

Muscled straight guy Harry Armstrong jerks his uncut dick

Have you seen the latest offering on the Picture This site? His name is Harry Armstrong, and he a rough and tough guy you wouldn’t want to mess with. Of course, we would all love to mess with him!

He’s a bit of an adrenaline junky, which is why he’s found his way to the site. The excitement of showing off his body and enjoying his uncut British cock on camera has him stiff and stroking it for the guys out there, and I think we really enjoyed himself.

He’s totally fucking hot though, we would all love to be able to play with their hooded dick he’s enjoying in this shoot. He delivers the goods like a pro too, and I think we’re going to be seeing a little more of this handsome and buff uncut hunk on the site from now on.



May 22

Gay-For-Pay star Cody Cummings returns!

He’s like Marmite, you either love him or you hate him. It’s hard to be a moderate fan of the muscular hung American hunk, you either get off on his performances or you’re so pissed off with his constant confusing mess of sexual suggestiveness that you eventually give up.

Lets face it, Cody Cummings (real name Kevin Lengyel) has been somewhat of a controversial porn star from the start. That’s mainly because there are a lot of porn fans out there who just can’t get their heads around a straight guy being paid to fuck other guys on video, the suggestion that the “straights are stealing our jobs” has had me in fits of giggles on more than one occasion.

Cody is one of those guys who loves to tease. He’s suggested more than once that he might be gay, or bisexual, but nothing changes the fact that he’s never sucked a dick on video (other than his own, once) and he’s only been seen jerking another guy off in two scenes throughout his career – that I’m aware of. Considering he was in the business for so long, you would have thought that a gay-for-pay performer discovering his love of dick would have done more than that.

Rightly, people complained that it was bullshit, really bad marketing, and just an attempt to keep the interest going for just a little longer without having to put in the work. In other words, people got bored listening to the suggestions and started demanding some action, and when it didn’t come they gave up waiting for it and moved on.

That’s when the video arrived of Cody jacking off Donny Wright. That video was seriously hot, with Donny shooting a massive load all over himself thanks to Cody and his muscle hunk hands. But was it enough to keep the interest going? Nope.

After about a year away from the business with much gossip about why he left (come on, we know why, it’s because interest was fading and Cody wasn’t really as gay/bi as he needed to be to actually suck a dick), and an apparent legal argument over use of the name Cody Cummings (which it turns out is owned by Next Door Studios), he’s back once more.

What can we expect? I want to say that things might have changed, that we might see Cody actually doing more than being sucked and faux-fucking other guys or pretending to get fucked by another dude (if you saw that unfortunate pairing you have my sympathy), I really don’t think anyone should be getting their hopes up about this resurrection.

The truth is, I fully expect Cody to appear in a couple of jack off videos, maybe get sucked off by a guy or two, perhaps faux-fuck another performer, then vanish into obscurity when the fans start telling him once more to put up or shut up. I wish this wasn’t the case, but come on, the guy has been in the business for a while, and we know how this all goes. Suggestions are made, people get a little excited, then disappointed when the delivery is weak.

It really is a shame, and I hate to be so pessimistic. Cody is a fucking hot guy, with a great body and a great dick, he’s the kind of hunk most of us lust after and that’s why he was so damn popular. But there’s only so far this can go before the fans turn again and become wholly fucked off with the “will he or won’t he” nonsense.

Cody, a little advice, if you’re willing to jerk some other guys dicks and suck them off, great! Welcome back, I look forward to sharing your performances with DickBlogs readers!

But, If you’re coming back to spend six months making videos that tease and suggest you *might* be into cock *occasionally* while never actually showing any signs that you are, please spare us the bullshit and don’t bother, we’ll make do with the hundreds of videos you’ve already given us and appreciate them for the tease they are.



May 07

Have you seen the new ChaosMen?

It’s been quite a while since I shared any of the hardcore action from the ChaosMen site, but after seeing their redesign and checking out some of what I’ve been missing I knew I had to get a new post up on the blog for you guys.

Everything is looking so good over there right now (and I’m not just talking about the men). Everything has been changed to make the member experience a little more interesting, with faves lists and your own area to add videos hat you want to see later.

It’s always been a top quality site, but this new redesign really does make it even better.

Now, time to share some of the latest cock action they’ve been delivering!

I love their Edge videos, and this new arrival with straight hunk Armani. It’s amazing to watch a straight guy sucked off like this, and this dude is one of the best. Bay is giving him his first on-screen cock sucking in this one, and it turns out that the straight guy is a little more experimental and curious than he led us to believe before. This might be the first time he’s ever been blown by a guy, or sucked another guys cock, but he does a great job of it and clearly loves sharing dick with other guys.

That’s not all we get in this serviced video either. The guy even takes a toy in his ass and shares some pissing fun too – this is not something they do on the site really, but it’s horny to see!

There are some real highlights to this, like Armani staying rock hard when he gets his first taste of cock, and while he has his ass filled up too. The clear cock-lust he’s discovered as they suck each other in a 69 is NOT TO BE MISSED!

The cum shots at the end are totally hot too, and the dude is peeking under his blindfold to watch Bay’s big cock splashing out his cum all over his spent dick too. He’s still hard after all that, so I wonder if he was ready to go again? ;)

It’s so fucking hot to see a straight guy getting off on dick for the first time, and it’s clear that he’s realized what he’s been missing out on. I know we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of Armani in the future.



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Chaos Men is a site created and run by photographer Brian Ockert. He focuses primarily on straight American men, all aged between 18 and 30, encouraging them to explore cock on camera with other guys. They usually start with solo jerking, then receive a servicing session, and then experience full on gay sex with other performers. The site has more than a thousand videos stretching back almost ten years. Ongoing themes include Edging videos where a guy is tied and blindfolded and encouraged to a cum load through jerking and sucking (and sometimes more), Glory Hole videos set in a mens room, Peep videos of hot guys jerking off, servicing videos and lots of full on fucking too.

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Apr 30

Cum lube – Manhood

I was looking for some sexy stuff to add to the new Readers Corner category on the blog today and just at the right time I got this in an email from the guys at BlokeToys. I have to admit that I will be ordering some of this stuff to try out. One of my fuck buds has some great cum lube that I can never find anywhere online and now I see this is available in the UK I’m gonna be giving it a try. It looks and sounds totally hot!


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