Oct 17

Straight daddy Spiro rides the hot jock ass of Shiloh


This video from the Chaos Men site should show plenty of you why I fucking love this site so damn much! You know there are a lot of sites out there that have straight guys jerking off, sucking cock and even fucking too, but I don’t think any of them do it with the genuine cock-lust of this site.

Spiro is a great example of what they can achieve on the site. He’s the straight daddy sliding his big dick into the hot ass of inked bisexual jock Shiloh in this hardcore scene.

He started out there in a jack off solo last year, and although the guy definitely states clearly that he’s straight and had never done anything with a guy, he sure was enjoying himself in a few videos after that, getting sucked off and even fucking a jock ass too. He came back this year to sink his long meaty dick into the hot tight hole of willing Wren, and now he’s back again five months later to give inked hottie Shiloh his man meat too.

I guess he might be a little conflicted (his Southern accent might mean something, if you catch my drift). Still, whether he’s conflicted about it or not, his dick sure does like being sucked by a guy, and he sure does seem to get off sliding his meat into Shiloh’s bareback butt!

I have to talk a little about Sholoh’s sucking skills in this one. Let’s not ignore the obvious and say that Spiro has a pretty long cock, but that jock really knows how to deepthroat a dick and get it dripping with spit and precum. When you see that jock dude gobbling down on the straight daddy dick you will not be surprised to see the guys eyes rolling back in his head and his hanging balls pulling up with the pleasure he’s experiencing!

The fucking is great, you can kind of tell Spiro is unsure about it all but his cock is telling him to just keep on going and enjoy it, and he really does enjoy it too as you can see from the cum load he pumps out all over Shiloh!

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Oct 17

Uncut boys Radan Flex and Mate More get it on out in the sun


I’ve really been enjoying the hardcore scenes on the William Higgins site recently, but this new arrival with Radan Flex and Make Moore is one of the horniest I have seen on the site in recent weeks. The uncut boys are outside enjoying the sun when things obviously become a little more heated, the sight of a stiff uncut cock can’t be ignored!

The guys get closer and start making out, but within moments they’re swapping their hooded dicks and sucking each other in a great session of mutual oral.

Jerking and sucking leads to some delicious rimming, with Radan receiving a tonguing that leads him to wanting more, which gets us to the inevitable fucking.

With Mate sliding up into his snug ass, the boys get into a sexy rhythm, and it’s clear that Radan is loving every second of that big dick in his ass while his own cock bounces hard and dribbling.

Riding and then missionary gets the boys to a messy finish, with Mate pulling out to wank his cum load out over his friends cock and balls, and Radan uses it as lube to furious jerk himself off to a creamy finish too! It’s a great ending to a hot fuck, one that I think all of you guys are going to want to watch.

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Oct 16

Uncut European jocks Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer fuck out some cum loads!

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I had to share this new hardcore bareback scene from the Bel Ami Online site when I stroked out a load to it this afternoon. I fucking love these guys, they’re so gorgeous, and the start to this video is pretty hot too,
Brian Jovovich is kicking things off stroking his long and hard uncut dick in a solo jerk off session when Jack Harrer arrives and immediately gets to work on his dick for him, like any good buddy should!
The sucking between these horny uncut guys is immense, but it’s the sight of Brian having that big naked dick sliding in and out of his ass that will really have you joining in and stroking one out with them.
It really is a hot fuck, with Brian getting a cum load splashed over his cock and balls, then being fucked to a finish as he strokes out his own semen all over his fit body!
I don’t think there are any other sites out there delivering so much awesome action, this is one of the best sites for fit European jocks, amazing sex, uncut cocks and great cum loads too!
Uncut European jocks Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer fuck out some cum loads 1 Uncut European jocks Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer fuck out some cum loads 2 Uncut European jocks Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer fuck out some cum loads 3 Uncut European jocks Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer fuck out some cum loads 4 Uncut European jocks Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer fuck out some cum loads 5 Uncut European jocks Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer fuck out some cum loads 6 Uncut European jocks Brian Jovovich and Jack Harrer fuck out some cum loads 7

Oct 16

Check out gorgeous Lucas Alves

It’s not too often I share a photo shoot from a mainstream photographer with a mainstream male model on DickBlogs, but I had to get these pics of sexy Lucas Alves on here for you guys when I saw this shoot by Manny Fontanilla. The guy is so handsome, and with just a little shirt hair in all the right places. I can imagine he would be a bit of a bear cub if he let it grow out a little bit. He’s such a good looking guy, I think he’s going to give you all a little something to think about, especially that final image ;)

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Oct 15

Have you seen gorgeous new guy Chavi Lopes?

Have you seen gorgeous new guy Chavi Lopes 5 Have you seen gorgeous new guy Chavi Lopes 2 Have you seen gorgeous new guy Chavi Lopes 3 Have you seen gorgeous new guy Chavi Lopes 4 Have you seen gorgeous new guy Chavi Lopes 1


I have been amazed, and I think I’m in love. No, hang on, I don’t “do” love, it’s lust!

Chavi Lopes is a brand new guy on the William Higgins site, and the moment I saw the first pic of him I knew he was going to be one to share on the blog, and then stalk on the site like a demented porn addict.

This is the kind of gorgeous young straight guy I would do absolutely anything to get some action with.

He reminds me so much of a guy I “converted” back when I was in my early 20’s. I had a slightly younger friend (don’t worry, he was 20!) who was getting me into going to the gym and teaching me the basics of working out and a good diet, and when he found out I was into dudes he started flirting with me.

I think he was just one of those guys who like the attention, and he got plenty of it from me, and plenty of chicks he was banging at the time too.

We shared a jack off over over some porn one night and within a week we were sucking each other off regularly, almost every other day.

I guess I made him at least bi, I know he’s had a lot of boyfriends since then ;) I feel proud, like I performed a service lol

So, Chavi Lopes is a stunning guy with a great body and a great uncut cock, the kind of cock I would love to worship and drain of a cum load or twenty. He’s just showing off his fine body and that impressive dick in this one, and his virgin pucker too, but I have a feeling he’s going to be back on there in a matter of days to have his cock wanked and sucked, and his ass fingered probably too. That’s usually how they get their new boys started ;)

Check out the video when you get the chance, I think you’re really going to love this dude!


Oct 15

Uncut military man Eddy fucks Private Antonio!


Come on guys, admit it, you all love the sight of some horny military men getting some cock action! I’m the same, and I’ve been fascinated by the whole thing since I met a British army guy who admitted to me that there was a lot of hand job trading going on from the first week he started training. Long before the whole subject of gay men in the military was ever really confronted, guys have been sharing their cocks with each other in the barracks! lol

This video from All American Heroes stars bearded and hunky private Antonio with lean and fit hung military man Eddie, in a competitive theme that results in the loser giving the other a good sucking. I think Antonio wanted to lose the arm wrestling, given that he gets on that thick and long uncut cock and slobbers all over the foreskin the moment he gets the chance!

Eddie loves it, of course. He’s soon drooling precum into his new buddies mouth and getting off on the idea of sinking his dick into the guys fuckhole.

Man does he get a hot fuck! His hairy ass might not be as experienced as some of you out there (you sluts!) but he takes it like a real man and lets hung Eddy slam his ass in various positions. He loves it so much he can’t hold his cum in his cock and splashes his semen out all over his tight abs, and then demand to taste his top buddy’s cum!

Kneeling on the couch, with Eddy wanking in his face, he opens up and prepares to get a shot of hot white protein right in his mouth. And he certainly gets it too, with Eddy pumping a few rounds of hot semen straight into Antonio’s thirsty mouth and leaving a mess of spooge over his beard!

I do love this site, it’s definitely the best one for military action with some really hot guys you would not expect to be sucking big dicks and riding each other to some big loads!

Uncut military man Eddy fucks Private Antonio 1 Uncut military man Eddy fucks Private Antonio 2 Uncut military man Eddy fucks Private Antonio 3 Uncut military man Eddy fucks Private Antonio 4 PETTY OFFICER EDDY FUCKS PRIVATE ANTONIO Uncut military man Eddy fucks Private Antonio 5 Uncut military man Eddy fucks Private Antonio 6

Sep 26

Hard and raw bareback fucking with Rock Ramsey and Brock Hart



Inked hunk Rock Ramsey and impressively hunky Brock Hart are perfect for each other in this hardcore raw-dicked bareback muscle porn scene from Hairy And Raw! The sun has clearly gotten to them, with dicks throbbing and leaking precum as they build up to an intense ass slamming fuck that should have every one of you spunking out a hot load with them.

Brock is the first one to get his mouth around a meaty tool, sucking on Rock’s gorgeous tattooed cock, sucking and slurping his length like the professional dick worshiper he so obviously is.

It’s a great dick suck, deep and loving, with some obvious hunger as he drools all over that meat and his spit mixes with the clear juice constantly oozing from the helmet with the intense pleasure he’s delivering.

Rock loves it, but it has him wanting more than a mouth. He leads his lover into the room for the real action, rimming out his ass and making it clear that he intends to fuck that pucker raw and hard!

Believe me it’s a great fuck too, with Brock loving the feel of that inked and curved muscled bareback dick sliding up into him. It’s when he’s on his back and Rock’s curved shaft is hitting his spot that he finally blasts his hot load out over himself, and gets a splashing load of warm semen pumped into his ass from his aggressive top too!

I don’t normally imagine myself being fucked hard and mean, but if I had the chance to take it from Rock I would not be kicking him out of my bed! lol


Rock Ramsey and Brock Hart bareback fucking Rock Ramsey eases his naked cock into Brock Hart Brock Hart takes a raw fucking from Rock Ramsey Brock Hart gets a cum load in his ass and one splashed over him at Hairy And Raw


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