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Joshua Armstrong Review

joshua-armstrong-reviewJoshua Armstrong is a phenomenon right now, and he’s expected to remain so for a long time to come! The massively muscled pansexual dude puts on amazing shows from his own home, pleasing a large fan base with his British verbal and muscle shows. He’s a talented guy able and willing to make his fans fantasies come true in his themed solo shoots, wearing uniforms, exploring fetishes, showing off his massive muscled body and getting his rock solid cut cock out for some wanking and cum squirting to end.

He’s an alpha muscle god, a guy who loves to dominate and control, tease and seduce.

Whether he’s playing the role of the personal trainer rewarding you with his cum load for a hard session on the weights or a plumber turning up to fix your pipes while your wife is at work, his only mission it to please himself, and if you get off too (and you will) then it’s a bonus.

His site is always growing and rumour has it there are some big and exciting changes on the way for this star. Members have access to the full collection of videos and every new scene (several a week) too.

A small example of some of Joshua Armstrong's videos

You can only see full Joshua Armstrong videos on his official site

Although the trailers are a little small and the example images are very limited for each video, when you’re a member the videos are full size and great quality. While he is technically an “amateur” performer when it comes to producing his own content and running his own site, he does it extremely well. The only real down-side to promoting him is that his tour area makes it look like all you get are tiny little videos and gives the impression that you have to pay a lot for each of them – you don’t, it’s the same as any other major gay porn site out there, you pay a monthly membership and you get access to hundreds of videos of Joshua wanking his cock in his themed shows.

You can be a member of his “Inner Circle” for $19.95 today, and believe me it’s most definitely worth it. He’s the only one creating this kind of content, and doing it all independently too.



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