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Site Review – English Lads

The Good: Straight guys experimenting, uncut cocks, plenty of wanking, some real stars discovered (Darius Ferdynand and Paddy O’Brian), regular updates, amateurs, lots of great sex, nearly 1,000 videos to wank off over.

The Bad: Can take time for a video to appear after a photo shoot, some guys disappear after only one wank video.

The EnglishLads site features young British amateur guys, many of them straight, as they progress from wanking videos to full-on fucking. With more than 1,000 videos and 500 performers to enjoy, they have one of the biggest collections of amateur British straight guys ever to be found on one website. With regular updates every week members watch their new arrivals start with a masturbation video before being massaged and wanked, sucked, frotting their cocks with other guys and finally fucking, sometimes bottoming for the first time.

The guys appearing at Englishlads are mostly straight, aged 18 to 25, uncut and willing to explore

The guys appearing at Englishlads are mostly straight, aged 18 to 25, uncut and willing to explore


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I have a confession to make. I’m a sucker for uncut dick (literally). So I’m gonna break with the format a little here and focus on one of the hottest things to come out of Britain since… since David Beckham or Tom Daley. lol

I love everything about foreskin, the way it looks, the way it moves over the head, the way it stretches and the way it tastes! I love watching guys playing with an uncut cock, all that slippery pre-cum making it shiny and wet… mmmmm.

But, there’s only one other thing that I like more, and that’s STRAIGHT GUYS!

I’m one of those guys who always finds the dudes I’m hot for are straight. But I don’t let that stop me! If I like a straight guy, I just find the right time, the right place and the right porn, and before he can say “I don’t know abou…” we’re jerking off to porn and I’m offering him a hand, or a suck. You’d be surprised how easy it is to convince a straight guy to get some head once he’s had a couple of beers and enjoyed some porn with you! And it seems most have a fascination with cock anyway, because they always (and I mean ALWAYS) at least stroke me off in return.

So, that brings me to English Lads. What can I say about one of my favorite sites on the Internet? Apart from they have a massive collection of horny guys, most of them are straight, and most of them are sporting hot foreskin-covered cocks too!

Most of these guys are so well built and masculine, you’d be surprised to see what they get up to with each other after a few solo sessions.

Take Andy Lee for example…

Andy Lee at English Lads

Andy Lee and his 9" cockThis hot straight guy is one of my favorites. He’s big, butch, straight and really cute. Did I say he’s BIG? You know, a lot of sites say things about their performers that are not strictly true. They might say a guy has a 10 inch cock, but you can clearly see they’ve added an inch or two. Andy Lee on the other hand is all real. That dick really is thick, it really is 9 inches long, and it really does fire off a massive cum load when he shoots!

Andy started his porn career back in August 2010 with a solo shoot. He stripped off, showed us that buff bod and got to work on that big meaty fuck stick before spraying a huge load everywhere, and I mean he spewed out a massive load of jizz absolutely everywhere!

Obviously, English Lads invited him back for more.

For his next visit he brought along a training buddy and they got to see each others dicks for the first time, hard and jerking! They took sneaky looks at each others cocks before both shot their wads, with Andy literally hosing down the deck with his load!

The next time he brought his own brother to wank with! And then it was time for a group jerk. Andy teamed up with three other straight guys at English Lads to all stroke their dicks and shoot their loads all over the table, and Andy stood out from the crowd with that massive cock and that gigantic cum load!

How far was the straight muscular and hung hunk ready to go? His next appearance was one for all the anal fans. Playing with a dildo for the first time, Andy slid that thing into his virgin hole and moaned while he jerked his dick and fucked his ass. And that cum explosion at the end suggested he really liked it too!

This wasn’t enough either, pretty soon he was back with his workout buddy again and both of them were sharing another cock stroke, and sliding some toys into their holes while they beat their meat. That was one of the horniest scenes I think the guys had ever done.

He’s not the only stunning straight guy the site has found either, they have a whole host of hunky young men in their collection, and many of them went on to become massive names in their own right.

Perhaps the biggest star to ever find his start on the English Lads site was Paddy O’Brian. Much like Andy this straight and muscular young man started there stroking the cum from his thick cut cock, but then gave his dick up for some wanking and sucking from another guy.

It seemed he enjoyed that a lot, and within a few weeks he was balls-deep in another guys ass and fucking the cum out of them. Obviously, since then he’s moved on and become one of the biggest international gay porn stars of the decade, appearing for several major brands in the adult entertainment business, appearing in so many scenes and doing a whole lot more than we could ever have expected.

Although straight, Paddy O’Brian has bottomed several times now, he’s a totally different performer from his days when he started out at English Lads, but without them we would probably never have seen him.

As I said, most of these straight guys go from jerking their dicks solo to wanking with another dude, jerking a dudes dick to sucking a cock, and eventually taking a cock up their hole. This is one of the things they are really famous for, but although not all their guys go that far they have a reputation for delivering some of the hottest guys in the horniest action.

They have over 960 HD videos and more than 377,000 images to squirt your load to, with weekly video and gallery updates and new performers arriving regularly too.

You can sign up for all this content for only £19.95 a month (that’s currently about $30 for our American buddies). And that goes down further to £17.95 for the second month too! But let me break that down for you – that’s under £5 per week. Just over 60p a day.

Can you afford 60p a day? Yeah, I thought so. Fuck the “Credit Crunch”, I halved my intake of Cheese and Onion crisps, I can definitely afford it!

It does make me wonder though, when you put it into perspective, how cheap these sites are for what you get. I mean, if it was just a few vids and they only updated once a month, they’d have to pay me to join. But with access to so much for 60p, it’s almost nothing. But I guess with thousands of paying fans, they must be making a fair profit. And long may it continue!


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  1. Freaky Steve

    Thanks for the tip. I am not normally a gay porn fan (I dont do butt fucking) but signed up to English Lads to see this guy. Money well spent 🙂

  2. Pete29

    You should show his cock, its fucking incredible!
    I just signed up to another site he just started at. But Im a member at EL too and the new galleries of him fucking his bum wityh a dildo are really horny. Im waiting for them to release the vid of that shoot.

  3. JAK

    Any where, possibly, we might see gorgeous alpha Connell Bracken (aka Arron Mount) fucking, getting fucked, hear his English accent? Dude’s a fucking MASTERPIECE !


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