Bait Buddies

Hung Chase Persuades a Straight Guy

Super-hot and fantastically hung Chase is back in the BaitBuddies studio to help ease another straight boy into gay sex. He’s joined by hetero lad Liam O’Connor, who thinks he’s just doing a jerk off video for some extra cash. What this guy doesn’t know is that he’s being set up to have his first queer sexual experience on film for thousands of eager cock-hungry guys around the world to watch.

Straight Guy’s Big Balls – First Time!

Then the games begin and the straight guy eventually agrees to let our bait guy suck on that long cock of his. And he really seems to enjoy it. But you know what happens next right? hands and mouths are exchanged after some more discussion and our straight guy is convinced and coerced into handling another guys meat, and then getting his first taste of cock too! Strangely, all these straight guys might be reluctant to start with, but it seems that one taste of hard cock is all it takes before they’re jerking off and enjoying it!