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ChaosMen Review

2-straight-guys-in-a-bareback-threesomeFor over 10 years ChaosMen.com has been offering amateur American guys in some of the best hardcore action money can buy. It’s famous for its independence from the biggest gay porn companies, with creator Bryan Ockert and a small team running everything themselves.

Bryan was a pioneer of gay porn, long before anyone else was on the Internet delivering it. He started out in 1998, when it took half an hour to download a simple photo. He was also the first at producing what several other companies did much later, putting cams up all over his house to live stream – you know, like Fratpad did, only he did it first.

He soon grew a massive following around the world and as technology developed so did his site. He’s come a long way since he started out blogging about being gay in Texas! The cams are gone, hundreds of guys have passed through his studio, he’s moved on from naked photos of his friends to producing some of the best hardcore gay bareback porn with straight jocks and amateurs you won’t find on all the other sites out there.

With more than 1,600 videos to stream and download and new arrivals every single week, this site isn’t even close to getting boring.

If you love seeing straight guys getting into it with other dudes and truly going all the way, this is a site you need to be a member of.


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