Straight jock anal play with Jizzy McBone


Title: Exploring Anal Play With Jock Dude Jizzy On Cam

straight-jock-anal-play-jizzy-mcbone 1This guy is one of those tempting treats that got me signed up for a site when I first saw him wanking his cum out and sharing his cock with some other dudes in an orgy, check out the straight jock anal play video just released!

MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1This is Jizzy McBone, a horny straight guy with a fucking hot body who loves to show off and play around. He started out as a mate of Zack Randall wanking himself off and shooting some cum loads, then he got a little more experimental and decided to try some new things…

One of the horniest videos was actually a group fuck with one lucky girl, with Jizzy, Zack and another of their mates sharing their cocks with her and each other. Seeing Jizzy wanking and sucking other dicks and getting his own cock played with by the other lads was pretty fucking horny it has to be said.

I’m not one for straight porn at all, but when there’s a bunch of straight guys like Jizzy grabbing other guys cocks and tasting some dick while they enjoy themselves I have to admit it does something for me! 🙂

For this one it’s all about that straight jock anal play as the horny dude wanks himself off on his cam and fucks his arse with a toy, putting on a pretty fucking hot performance for the guys.

You have to admit if you had this dude in your life you would be offering your mouth, cock and arse for him to enjoy whenever he wanted, right?

Check out the trailer and some pics and click through to see him in action, and I would definitely recommend checking out some of his other videos too.

Leave a comment below, let me know if you get off on seeing straight guys swapping cocks in a straight orgy or threesome. Am I alone in that?

straight-jock-anal-play-jizzy-mcbone 2 straight-jock-anal-play-jizzy-mcbone 3 straight-jock-anal-play-jizzy-mcbone 4 straight-jock-anal-play-jizzy-mcbone 5 straight-jock-anal-play-jizzy-mcbone 6 straight-jock-anal-play-jizzy-mcbone 7 straight-jock-anal-play-jizzy-mcbone 8


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