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Mutual wanking with Jizzy McBone and Zack Randall!

Re-post Oct 27th 2016
Jizzy McBone and Zack Randall mutual wankingHave you seen this horny new scene with Zack Randall {@ZackRandall} and straight jock Jizzy McBone {@JizzyMcBonexxx} wanking off in the pool? I love a good mutual wanking video, and this one is totally hot as Zack films his good buddy jerking on his dick and then gets his own big uncut cock stroked for him too!

click-for-moreI don’t know if you know anything about Jizzy, but this hot jock started out as a straight guy beating his meat on camera for Zack to film, and since he arrived in his first video he’s been led down the gay path by his buddies – he’s not the only one there who discovered the fun he could have with another guys dick, but he’s definitely one of the horniest!

He’s been up to a lot of great things with his friends since that first wank show, enjoying gang bangs and getting sucked, sucking some cock himself and helping his buddies to blow their cum loads, and this hot pool scene is just the most recent in a long line of his experimental cock play videos.

This was one of those times when I saw a guy in a video (when he started) and just knew he would enjoy playing with other guys dicks. You know you can kind of tell if a guy might end up being really into it? He had that right from the start and when he got some cock play for the first time he was hard and horny for it, really going at it 🙂

I love the amateur style of these videos too, with Zack taking control and filming his friend as he strokes his jock dick and works up a cum load, of course Zack can’t stop himself and has to wank along with him and show off his famously meaty hooded cock too.

If you’ve never seen Zack in action then you need to check him out. As a foreskin fan I love seeing his meaty hooded tool in action, and when he shoots off a cum load he really squirts juice all over! His self sucking skills are amazing to watch too, and he loves pumping his semen up into his own face.

You would think that after Jizzy strokes his straight jock cum out over himself he would perhaps lose interest, but it seems he loves the feel of a dick in his hand and he’s more than happy to get his friend squirting that big load out too, grabbing Zack’s hooded cock and jerking him to a creamy finish, taking the boys jizz all over his muscled chest.

When Jizzy started out I never thought he would end up enjoying other guys cocks the way he has been, it’s been great to watch and I wish I’d shared more of his videos on here. Maybe I’ll go back and start adding them for you guys to check out?

If you love seeing a straight guy enjoying the feel of another guys cock in some mutual wanking then this new video is definitely for you, and you should check out some of his previous scenes on the site too.

Jizzy McBone and Zack Randall wanking

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