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Straight guy massage – uncut jock Lorenc Byro loves the attention!


Lorenc Byro massage William HigginsYou know I asked earlier how I could get a job sucking off straight guys? Well, to be honest, after seeing this straight guy massage with Lorenc Byro getting the cum milked from his cock and his virgin ass played with I would gladly limit myself to giving hot guys like him handjobs! Mattias Solich is such a fucking lucky guy!


You remember when we saw Lorenc Byro being wanked in his previous video (if you haven’t seen that then you need to take a look) well it seems he enjoyed getting a helping hand on his uncut jock cock, because he’s returned to have his virgin hole played with and the cum milked from his hooded dick by lucky Mattias!

The guy is fucking hot, there’s no other way to say it. He’s naked and laying down to enjoy being rubbed up the right way by the equally hunky Mattias, and you can tell when he turns over and his uncut cock is starting to throb that he’s enjoying the feel of all that attention.

With his tight and hairy virgin ass in the air Mattias explores it a little, fondling the guys hooded dick and balls as they hang between his legs. His pucker is twitching, and although he’s never (presumably) had anything sliding into it before he’s very receptive of the long and slender pointy tool Mattias eases into him.

With his hole being explored and his cock being wanked for him it’s no wonder this uncut straight jock boy is soon ready to cum, and what a display that turns out to be!

Lorenc splashes out a hot load of creamy cum all over the table while his friend wanks him off, and it’s clear he’s had his eyes opened to the pleasure another dude can offer him 🙂

Lorenc Byro straight guy massage at William HigginsMORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1

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  1. DickDudley

    I could teach this straight guy a thing or two. He needs to be edged and sucked for an hour and made to cum a massive load, he’ll never stop sharing his cock with other guys then 🙂

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