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Fit uncut jock gets wanked off!


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The next time you see a real fit young jock at the gym and your gaydar doesn’t go off (mine is pretty shit, so I tend to ignore it anyway) just remember there are plenty of straight guys out there who will let you play with their cock to get a cum load out. Check out new European jock Lorenc Byro for example, a rugby-playing straight guy from Prague about to get his dick wanked!



He’s 21 years of age, and he’s a Rugby playing student. I don’t know what he’s studying, but I have a feeling it might be “Being fucking hot 101”. I guess you can tell from his awesome body that he also spends a lot of time at the gym. He’s one of those guys we all see at the gym and either want to give up our efforts to follow him to the showers, or just give up and go home to jack off lol

Given what happens in this video, he might appreciate your help in the gym showers if you happen to see him – I’m not suggesting you start offering straight men hand jobs at the gym, but if you do try that don’t blame me for the consequences (although you can thank me when it goes right).

He starts off by bouncing around that hard uncut dick, showing off his body, and even bending over to flash us that tight straight boy ass. I think it’s only going to be a short time before we see that pucker being stretched by a dick 🙂

That’s not the highlight of this video though. Once he’s enjoyed some wanking and felt up his defined body someone else arrives to give him a little assistance, exploring his muscles and then reaching through his legs to give his cock some strokes.

He seems to like that, in fact he seems to love it! Lorenc explores his tight body while that hand wanks him off, eventually making his cock spurt jets of hot cum out over the floor in a great climax!

I think this means he appreciates getting some help with his uncut boner, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this gorgeous guy in the coming weeks and months.

I really want to see him sucking a dick 🙂

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Masturbating with Lorenc Byro

Lorenc is looking a little lonely stroking his cock on that bench

Lorenc gets some massaging assistance

A friend arrives to oil up the new hunk while he wanks himself off

Lorenc Byro hand job

Lorenc Bro discovers the pleasure of having another guy jacking him off


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  1. Greedy

    I would gladly oil him up! And more besides

  2. Pueblo

    He’s very nice. I watched his first video there and knew he would be back for more. Hopefully we get to see him sucking a dick soon, I have a feeling he’s up for trying a lot of new things 🙂

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