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Andy Lee could drown you with that cum load

cum squirting with hung and uncut andy lee

Andy Lee is one of the hottest guys to ever come out of Ireland. If you don’t agree, then FUCK YOU, you’re so wrong you need a slap lol

This adorable hunk of straight manmeat has been popping up in the UK for a few years now, and although he keeps vanishing from the business periodically (he’s currently ducked out of sight again) whenever he does reemerge he gains thousands of new adoring fans, and with good reason.

In fact, there’s more than nine good reasons.

This straight guy has one of the most impressive long and thick uncut cocks I have ever seen, enough to please even the greediest guy out there. If the hooded trouser snake he has in his pants isn’t impressive enough for you, then the gallon of cum he seems to pump from that thing when he wanks himself to a jizz load is enough to drown you. This guy always squirts off a huge cum load when he pumps the custard!

Yes, there are a lot of guys in gay porn who can cum quite a lot, but Andy Lee lets is spew like a fountain, and when he’s been enjoying a good long wank (sometimes with a good friend, or several) he really erupts in what can only be called a geyser of man juice.

Here, enough of me talking about him, check out one of his own amateur videos, enjoying his heavy cock at the gym and pumping the semen from his balls in an impressive display of climactic messiness!



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I'm Dick, I'm a horny guy living in London England and I get off on straight guys, uncut cocks, big cum loads and muscular guys enjoying themselves. I want this blog to be a cool place for horny guys to see some of the best videos with the hottest performers, and share opinions and comments from you guys too. Stick around, follow and enjoy!


  1. Leonard75

    I first saw him on English Lads a while back and he was amazing then. Wish he would do more though. Really love seeing him wanking that big cock and the cum loads he shoots are fucking amazing!

    1. DickBlogs

      I love all his videos, but the ones with him wanking with Bailey Morgan are the best.

  2. Detach

    Please let me suck the cum out of that thing Andy!

    1. DickBlogs

      If he ever let a guy suck that dick I’m sure there would be a few hundred guys waiting in line in front of you lol

  3. Greedy

    I can’t get enough of Andy Lee and that massive uncut cock!
    It’s a damn shame he keeps leaving the business though. He seems to come back for a month or two to make some cash and then gives it all up completely. Then comes back and starts again from scratch. He had something like 15k followers on Twitter and he just gave up the account – fucking mental! He could spend £100 and get his own site up and be making thousands a month with that kind of following!

    1. Dick (Post author)

      It is a damn shame. He is easily one of the hottest guys in the UK porn business but he doesn’t seem to want to do it as a career. It’s confusing, because on the one hand I read an interview with him where he says it’s all fun and he has no problem wanking on camera and with friends etc, then he changes his mind and vanishes from the business. And like you say he had thousands of followers on Twitter, with a little proper marketing and his own site he could be making quite a lot of money. Someone from a site needs to sit him down and show him the numbers.

    2. DickBlogs

      He was talking about making his own wank videos too. I knew he was planning to shoot some videos out in the woods with some of his mates stroking their cum out. I wish that had happened, the guy could be making a nice wedge of money with a week of work a month, uploading videos like that. I keep trying to do the maths in my head and with even just 500 of those 12K followers being members of any site he built he could have made £10k a month – for a fucking weeks work! If I had his skills I would be out there making videos.

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