Mutual wanking with straight guys Ricky Hampton and Casey Lee!

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Ricky Hampton and Casey Lee are a couple of straight boys who really seem to love all that mutual wanking and frottage! The cum loads these boys squirt are amazing!

Issac Jones returns to take the big uncut cock of Kayden Gray – a hot gay cum facial to finish!

The two are so into it, you can tell this is genuine cock lust, and you have to wonder whether Issac has been celibate in his three years away from the cameras – of course he hasn’t, that cock and that ass can’t possibly be kept under lock and key for that long!

Jeremy Chris takes an amazing twink cock edging from Edwin Sykes

Jeremy just gets to lay back with his raging erection wet and slippery in the guys hands as he strokes him, playing with the swollen head and wanking him off, making him ooze precum from his tip.

Classic jack off with hung straight man Andy Lee

Aside from him being so relaxed about wanking with his mates, and aside from him having a massive uncut cock any one of us would love to play with (come on, we’re all imagining what it would be like to suck the load out of that thing!) Andy always delivers massive squirting loads of cum when he climaxes