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2 cocks frottageEvery man loves some hot and throbbing frottage with a friend.

The simple act of sharing some masturbation with another man can be so erotic and it’s not only for guys who are sucking and fucking either.

We love watching gay, straight and bi guys getting their cocks out with each other and stroking themselves and their friends, and it only gets better when the guys slap their dicks together and share some rubbing in some frottage fun.

With shafts combined, cock heads rubbing together, juices getting those dicks wet and sticky with horny warmth, the men savor the pleasure of some cock-on-cock frotting.

Enjoy our posts with cock-to-cock frotting fun and shoot some loads with the guys.

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Two straight lads rubbing cocks, they really seem to like it!

Straight lads Jack Montague and Oli Lennox might not be used to getting their uncut cocks out for some friendly wanking with another guy, but the boys really seem to have a whole lot of fun stroking each other and rubbing their dicks together in some hot frot action!

Straight buddies sucking cock – bonus fun with Tomas Farago and Roland Lantos

Straight buddies Tomas Farago and Roland Lantos got their uncut cocks out together and had some horny fun wanking and sucking each other for the first time. Check out some great bonus action with the lads enjoying their dicks together!

Straight guys first time – Bonus video with Joey Barton and Chris Little

Check out some great extra action with straight guys Joey Barton and Chris Little, getting their uncut cocks out for some mutual stroking, frotting and dick sucking in the sun. You can tell they had a great time together!

Straight jocks frotting and cumming

Straight jocks frotting their cocks, Albie gets his first feel of another uncut stiffy

We all knew straight jocks Albie Wicks and Joe Burleigh were gonna have a good time rubbing their uncut cocks together, but we didn’t know it would be this much fun!

Muscle cock frottage with straight dudes Joe Burleigh & Albie Wicks

Albie has never done this before, but fellow straight noob Joe is on hand to show him how it goes as they get their uncut cocks out and fondle their dicks in a horny session of mutual cock play. They have a great time rubbing those uncut boners together and getting those loads splashing out!

2 straight nakes guys look down to where their hard cocks are rubbing together

Two straight guys frotting their uncut cocks together for the first time

Joe is jumping right in with some mutual cock play, wanking uncut dick with fellow straight lad Casias, swapping their hard uncut cocks, frotting their lengths together and having a whole lot of fun as they make each other splash hot cum out all over the place!

Two straight jocks wanking and sucking

Straight guy Bronson gets head and wanks another cock for the first time

I knew straight dude Bronson would be back to try a little more! Wright was a good choice, he’s a fellow straight jock with a big uncut cock and he’s learned to love wanking and sucking cock since he arrived. Watch him show Bronson how good mutual jerking feels before he gets his mouth on that cock!

Mutual wanking and friendly sucking with straight boys Aiden and Ricky

Straight lad Aiden Walsh is back and ready to play! He’s out in the sun getting his uncut cock out with fellow straight lad Ricky Hampton, enjoying some mutual masturbation, frotting their hard uncut dicks together, being blown by Ricky and splashing out plenty of hot straight boy cum!

Straight guys wanking each other – Tyler Hirst shows new guy John Dudley how much fun it can be!

If you’ve seen the former Royal Marine in any of his other videos you know he’s not backwards about coming forwards, and pretty soon he has the young man wanking his hard uncut cock in return!

Want to see a straight guy sucking cock and getting a cum facial for the first time?

For a straight and inexperienced guy Joey really gets into all of this. You can tell his cock is throbbing in his pants pretty early on and he’s clearly looking forward to getting his hands on Chris’ uncut cock.

Straight guys sucking each other, Tyler Hirst teaches new guy Patrick West how good an uncut cock tastes at EnglishLads

Check out this new shoot with Tyler Hirst and Patrick West, a couple of straight guys sucking each other off!

Title: Straight Lad Patrick gets Wanked & Sucked & Sucks & Wanks Royal Marine Tyler! Okay, this is only a gallery for now, but I cannot wait until the video of these straight guys sucking each other is released for…
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