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Another straight guy fucked for money – Daniel seems to like it!

We can always watch a straight guy fucked for money on any one of the sites out there, but something about this whole scenario makes it hornier to watch.

Video title: Daniel

Click to visit and watch videosDaniel is the guy in question for this video, a sexy guy out on a morning run just minding his own business when someone with a camera stops him on the dirt track and makes an indecent proposal.

What will a straight guy do for some extra money? Well, we soon find out that he’ll flex some muscles and show off, then get his uncut jock cock out and let the guy stroke it for a while too!

It gets hotter than that though.

straight jock paid to have fun

Of course, money is always a good motivator, especially for this guy. It’s not long before he’s back at the hotel room and earning a lot more cash by sucking his first cock.

And you know, Daniel doesn’t seem to mind the taste of a man’s dick in his mouth.

It turns out he doesn’t mind the feel of a cock up his ass either! His tight hole is soon being stretched out and plundered by that hard dick, fucked on the bed and finally splashed with another man’s cum for the first time.

Damn, I wish I could get some straight guy dick around here, if I approached anyone in my town with an offer like that I would probably wake up in hospital three days later.

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