Straight guys sucking each other and blowing their loads!

Want to see a couple of horny straight guys sucking each other and splashing their cream out in a messy finish? Of course you do.

Logan Taylor and Colt McGraw in a mutual cock sucking videoVideo title: Logan Taylor and Colt McGraw

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Logan Taylor is pretty shameless when it comes to demanding some cock. He was checking out the site and enjoying some of the videos when he saw the new boy Colt McGraw and basically called up to demand that dick.

Who could blame him though, Colt is fucking hot and he’s got a gorgeous dick.

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When the two get together for some mutual oral things are a little awkward to start. They’re kind of pussies about it really, trying to play things cool and barely looking at each other for the first few minutes.

But, lust for that dick soon takes over and Logan makes his move, grabbing that hard young cock and sucking on it. The two lads are soon swapping their dicks and enjoying the taste of those hard and wet shafts, and I have to confess that seeing these straight guys sucking each other and clearly enjoying it made me spew a load pretty quick!

Check out the video on the site, there’s a lot of both Logan and Colt on there.

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