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Sexy jock dude Saul doesn’t like labels

He’s a handsome guy with a hot body and a great dick that he’s not shy about showing off, and we can’t wait to see more of him after this solo debut. Take a look at some of his pics and click through for the video.

Video title: Saul

Click for the video, scroll down for more pics, read my Sean Cody review.

Check out handsome and muscled Saul, a dude who doesn’t like labels. I know a lot of you get a little pissed about that, you want them to call themselves bisexual, or you think they’re gay and just don’t want to admit it. Believe me, I see those complaints and claims by people out there in the blogging world all the damn time. The funny thing it, they’re usually the same people wh lose their shit when anyone on the religious right lectures them about their own sexuality.

You do you, let guys like Saul see their sexuality their own way.

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Now, let’s get down to why I think this solo is pretty damn hot and why I think we’re gonna be seeing him again.

He’s a very sexual guy and he’s open about new experiences, but that goes with his hippy notions about sexuality (something I usually find myself agreeing with). He talks about having a big dick, and while it’s nice I’m not sure it’s really that much bigger than average. I’m not wrong on that, right? It’s nice and all, and he knows how to enjoy it, but is it really that big?

Apparently he was told it was by his footballer buddies in the locker room in high school. Yep, you’re gonna be thinking about that for a while now, aren’t you? I personally would love to hear more about that and find out what it was like being told by your buddies you have a nice cock…

Anyway, he works it well and puts on a hot and confident show rubbing his cock and shooting off his cum for us, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him back for more after this.

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Leave a comment and let me know what you think of him, and click through for the video!

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