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SeanCody Daniel – Solo straight guy shoots off two cum loads for the guys

I thought it was about time I got all the videos of my favorite straight man in gay porn on the blog. Check it out as one of the most gorgeous straight guys ever to grace my computer screen fires off two cum loads in his debut jack off video from back in 2012.

Straight jock with a hard cock

Video title: Daniel

Click to visit and watch videos Click to read our Seancody reviewYou guys probably know who he is by now, but how many of you have actually gone back to see his first solo jack off session? If you haven’t, you deserve a slap with something wet and heavy.

Even if you usually don’t bother with solo wanking scenes like this one, you really need to go back to the start and watch the evolution of this gorgeous man as he goes from horny cock stroker to all-out hardcore ass fucker.

Daniel arrived in gay porn back in 2012 as a 26-year-old jock dude who had never done anything like this before. He was straight, a soccer player, handsome and daddy-looking for his age. One of the best things about him, aside from the fact that he could make anyone cum in their pants with a simple sexy glance in their direction, was that he had a big and throbbing cock that loved to be out and on show for the world to enjoy.

Yeah, from the first moment his cock was revealed he was hard and leaking precum, his big balls hanging below, his shaft ready to be stroked to the absolute limit.

And wow, what a fucking hot show he delivered! When he started getting into it he proved that he has what it takes to become a major player. I don’t think I was the only one stroking along with him and thinking about the prospect of him coming back and getting off with a lot more of their guys.

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We had no idea at the time just how willing and eager he would be to share that cock with other dudes, or how amazing it would be to see him pounding another guys hole, or that he would take cocks up his own bareback ass and shoot off some of the biggest cum shots we’ve ever had from any of their performers.

I guess we should have predicted  lot of that watching his solo. After stroking his cock all over the couch he lays back on the floor and spews a hot mess of cum all over his gorgeous body. But he’s not done yet. He stands and just keeps on stroking that meat, dripping in sweat and finally pumping out another leaping cum shot all over the seat!

After shooting off two cum loads like that and looking so pleased with himself at the end of it all I think we all should have known just how much of a stud he was gonna become.

Since that solo he’s been back to fuck so many of their guys in real aggressive action, been fucked in the ass himself, sucked plenty of dick and shot off so many of those massive splashing cum loads. He’s become one of their hottest performers of the last few years and I hope we get to see a lot more of his big jock dick in action.

Can he still be called straight? I don’t know when that definition needs to change to be honest, and I don’t really care much about that either.

All I know is that it’s been fucking amazing watching him go from totally inexperienced with other guys to shooting off so many hot loads with so many other dudes after having so much horny fun with his big dick and that tight hairy hole of his!

Check out some of the photo from his debut shoot back in 2012, and make sure you click through to see all the other videos he’s been in since. If you only ever join one gay porn site, you need to join this one just to watch this incredible man having so much amazing fun.

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Click to visit and watch videos Click to read our Seancody review

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