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New hairy jock Gideon loves some anal play while jerking off

If you’re one of those guys who just jerks off with his fist around his meat for ten minutes, you really should be getting some toys to try. Just ask this new hairy jock.

Seancody Gideon full videoVideo title: Gideon

His name is Gideon and he’s a horny guy who has no shame when it comes to getting his dick out in front of the camera, which I guess is a good thing considering he’s just arrived in gay porn to enjoy himself for the world to watch!

From the moment he gets started it’s clear that he really enjoys showing off his dick and having guys appreciating his length. I get the feeling he’s one of those guys you see at the gym, walking around the locker room with his cock throbbing and leading the way, enjoying all the eyes on him and knowing even the straight men there are getting hard seeing another cock solid like that.

It’s not surprising that he’d get a lot of attention either, he’s a good looking guy with a hairy bod and a real nice dick. Even though I’m far from straight, I know that most guys can’t resist getting at least chubby seeing a cock like that being paraded.

Obviously, this is no ordinary wank show. They usually just get their new guys busting out a couple of cum loads for their debut, but this guy has other things in mind to make it a little hotter. To be honest, I wish they would mix it up a little like this more often.

He’s brought a toy along to fuck himself in the ass while he strokes the cum from his shaft, enjoying the feel of one of his favorite toys as he beats his meat and gets his hot cum splashing from his dick. Apparently he uses that thing a lot when he’s beating his meat and getting his juices flowing.

Something tells me we’re going to be seeing him back for more after this, and you can bet I’m gonna be there wanking one out with him while he gets that hairy jock ass fucked by one of their other guys 🙂

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