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Israel – Personal Trainer jerking off and unloading

Ever notice how we seem to get a lot of personal trainers jerking off in gay porn? I have a theory about that.

personal trainer in gay porn

Video title: Israel

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Check out new dude Israel, a personal trainer jerking off and squirting his load out for the guys on video, for the first time.

I’ve noticed over the years that we seem to get a whole lot of horny guys from the gym business appearing in gay porn, and I have a theory about why that might be.

If you work out (I try to, but not as much as I convince myself I do) then you’re probably familiar with the workout horn. Whenever I have a good session at the gym my cock is demanding attention soon after and I need to either hook up with someone or spend an hour stroking my dick.

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Immediately after a workout I’m in the showers at the gym throbbing and needing to squirt a load, and I know I’m not the only one. Boners are pretty common in the showers at my gym, you often catch guys rubbing one out when they think no one is looking, and sometimes you can get a good hook up or a little mutual stroking.

So, that’s my theory, personal trainers are hornier than a lot of other guys because they’re always working out and getting themselves boned-up for a cum load. And of course they’re surrounded by other horny guys, that has to have an impact too.

Take a look at Israel, a handsome and buff personal trainer with a hot body and an amazing cock, long and slender and with a big mushroom head on it.

He knows how to work his dick in this solo, splashing out plenty of hot cum for the guys by the time he’s done.

sexy jock in his boxer shorts personal trainer in a jerk off video showing his ass naked jock with a long hard cock a long and slim cock with a fat head horny personal trainer jerking off on video horny personal trainer with a long cock stroking himself on videoWill we get to see him back for more fun with some of the other guys? I’m thinking yes, I give it a week or two before he’s sinking that long cock into another guys bareback ass. Click through and see him spewing cum.

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