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Is hung jock Derick just playing the game or are we gonna get more?

He used to be Liam at CorbinFisher, but he was wasted there. Let’s hope we get to see this hung jock do a lot more after this solo.

handsome shirtless jock at the beachVideo title: Derick

Click through for the video, scroll down for pics.

I did a little sleuthing for this one, but I think you guys will appreciate it.

This is Derick, he used to be a guy called Liam at CorbinFisher, but they never got him to do anything but a solo and then a straight scene with a woman.

He was a bit of a tease, suggesting he was open to other things and claiming to love showing off his cock to other guys in the locker room, but that was all we ever got from him.

He’s making similar noises now, being a little vague about things and saying he loves to make people happy and give them pleasure… Hm.

I’ve looked around out there and it seems most guys agree that he was a bit of a player, pretending to be down for more while actually being straight. To be honest, a lot of guys know they can make more money in gay porn than straight, so maybe it’s not surprising that so many straight guys play “curious” or “open-minded” to get the gig and then turn out to be just playing the game.

I’m not saying that’s what this hung jock did, but I guess we’ll see what happens now he’s at SeanCody. Something tells me that after stroking that cock and shooting his load off we’re not gonna see him again.

Anyone want to make a bet that this is the one and only time we see him on the site and that he appears over at ChaosMen or another site in the next year or two with the same story?

Maybe I’m wrong, I hope I am, he’s a sexy guy with a great body, a big dick and a totally hot ass, I don’t think I’m the only one who really wants to see this hung jock putting that dick to good use with a few of their other gorgeous hunks.

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Click through and watch the video of him in action, you’re probably gonna be hoping for more of him too when you see him pumping his load from that big jock dick.

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