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Nick and his big muscle dick

I don’t do strip clubs, but after seeing this big muscle dick in action and watching the guy stroking out his cream in this special private back room solo I think I might have to look into it a little more and find a club near me!

Video title: Strip Club: Nick

Click for the video, scroll down for pics

I don’t think we’ve ever had anything on the blog before from the Reality Dudes site, but if this is what they do then I think we need to start paying attention.

Nick is a big guy, one of those powerful and beefy dudes I think most of you out there would love to know. He’s that guy you see at the gym in the showers nursing a throbbing stiffy after a good work out, wondering what it would take to get him at least jerking off with you.

I don’t think it would be much of a problem for this guy if you offered some friendly stroking, he seems pretty eager to show off that big uncut cock for the guys in this video.

It’s an amazing dick, I think we all agree. If you love generous cocks with hoods then you’re gonna want to watch him rubbing that thing and shooting off his cum load for the guys.

Let me know what you think of him in the comments, and click through for the video.

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