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Real grunting action as muscle men fuck – Sean Duran & Ali Liam

I’m not sure what to make of this theme, but I do know I love the sight of a couple of real muscle men fucking out their cum loads together!

Gay muscle men Sean Duran and Ali Liam at Pride StudiosVideo title: Much Needed Fuck 

I like this videos especially because Sean Duran reminds me of a guy at my gym, a real masculine and built fucker who has a great ass and the most tempting cock bulge in his shorts every time I see him. I know he gets hard a lot too, I’ve seen him nursing his long dick in the showers before a couple of times and I’m just waiting for that perfect moment to flash him my dick and see what his reaction is!

Now, the reason I’m not sure what to make of this scene is because the story is a bit strange. Apparently Ali Liam has a “secret room” where he hooks up with horny fuckers like Sean, sucks their cock, feeds them his and slams the cum out of them.

I don’t get it, but I guess we’re not really here for Oscar winning story-lines lol

So, massive muscle man Sean is being teamed up with Ali for this hardcore video, a real grunting muscle fuck with Sean so hard as he takes that throbbing dick in his hole.

There’s a lot of sucking and rimming before we get to that though, and I know the sight of these two massive guys eating out and licking those holes is gonna have plenty of you horny fuckers on the edge within moments.

But, I would recommend holding that cum back for the proper fucking, slow down and take it easy with this one!

The sight of Sean on his back with his incredible stiff muscle dick in his fist while Ali fucks the load out of him is one of the best moments for me. I can totally imagine what it would be like to have him there, his hole squeezing my cock as he jerks his load out and spews how juice over his abs, soon added to as I jerk off over him…

Damn, this is one hot pairing!

If you love seeing real muscle men fuck out their cum loads then this one should have you busting out a big wad.

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