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How to hook up with a muscle bottom at the gym – James Stevens and Dax Carter

*In the voice of a shopping channel presenter* Have you ever been in the locker room at the gym and seen a guy you just couldn’t resist? Don’t just go home and jerk off imagining pounding that muscle bottom all night long!

Video title: Muscle Envy

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I wish I could give you a list of surefire ways to get that guy I know you all lust after at the gym, but there is no definitive answer. I would, however, recommend that you take some tips from James Stevens in this new video, because it’s actually worked for me in the past.

James is the hairy and bearded dude looking to get some muscle ass, but he doesn’t exactly have to try too hard to get what he needs from handsome and powerful muscle dude Dax Carter when he walks into the locker room. Most of the time it only takes a little subtle appreciation of their body to get a guy like Dax interested.

Even if the dude is straight, complimenting them on their build can at least get you a new buddy, and who knows where that might lead.

For James it leads to cock being licked and sucked, ass being rimmed, and Dax bending over demanding to be fucked right there in the locker room.

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Go ahead, give it a try the next time you see that dude at the gym, and let me know how it goes! 🙂

Click for the video.

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