Is gay step-brother sex creepy? Not with Jonah Marx & Chris Blades

I’m still not sure if gay step-brother sex is considered creepy or not, but I guess they’re just brothers in title and nothing else. Whatever though, these two are fucking hot!

Video title: Brothers Bond – Jonah Marx & Chris Blades

Click to visit and watch videosJonah Marx is a horny young man who always needs to get his cum pumping from his dick. He thinks he’s alone in the house so he gets the porn on and takes his long cock out for some stroking at his desk.

Just when he’s getting busy to some hardcore gay porn he step-brother returns.


However, this is porn land, and you know this can only lead to one thing.

Soon enough Chris Blades is complimenting his new brother on the nice looking cock he’s got, and within moments his mouth is down on it giving his brother some head!

Jonah is shocked, but his dick is loving all the attention and it’s not long before he’s giving some delicious sucking back to his new bro, taking things even further as he licks at Chris’ hole to get him wet, then sliding his long boner deep inside.

This definitely isn’t the first time Chris has taken a dick in his ass, riding that meat all over the bed and getting a great pounding from the handsome jock until cum is being splashed in an impressive finish!

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