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Bunkmates Steve Rogers and Allen Lucas know how to wake up together

I will admit, the theme for this bunkmate video is pretty creepy, but then again this is all a fantasy and the guys are fucking hot, so I can kind of look over that part of it.

Video title: His Perfect Ass

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Steve Rogers is looking fucking hot in this hardcore scene. I love a guy who looks a little mean and rough and he pulls it off nicely without being too threatening. I guess he’s gay for pay, but I think these days it’s pretty hard to tell, right?

He’s bunkmates with lucky Allen Lucas in this new video, waking up before his buddy and seeing that tempting ass on show. Would you be able to resist the sight of that sexy butt tempting you to come and play? No, of course not, and especially not when you have a morning boner that you need to deal with too.

Now, it has to be said that this is a little creepy, but hot at the same time. Steve grabs his friend’s hand and puts it on his cock, waking his friend up as he basically uses his hand to stroke himself off.

It turns out Allen isn’t at all reluctant to be jerking his buddy, waking up and asking if he’s down for more than just a hand job.

Of course, Steve is into getting sucked, feeding his bunkmate his throbbing meat and then turning his attention to that tight little ass.

Fingering leads to bareback plunging as Allen gets that big cock up his hole, riding Steve and getting his load fucked out of him, finally seeded by his friend’s gorgeous dick as Steve pumps his load out.

Now, this is a good way to wake up a roommate!

Click through for the video, and let me know in the comments what you all think of these guys.

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