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Aw, Rex Tanner is so adorable!

It’s not often I call a gay porn performer adorable, but I think that’s definitely the right word to use when talking about this handsome and fit young man as we watch him nervously playing with his cock and splashing out a cum load for the guys in his debut video.

Nervous jock jacking off on a couchVideo title: Rex Tanner

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Rex Tanner is a 21-year-old surfer dude from Florida, and he’s real nervous about being on video and stroking his dick for the guys out there to watch.

I had to say that even though I get damn horny and I would love to make porn, I wouldn’t have the balls to appear in front of the camera. When I say I wouldn’t have the balls, I mean I definitely have the balls, just not the balls. You get me, shut up.

He’s a cute guy, no doubt about that. You can hear the nervousness in his voice in his little interview. That might get you thinking that this jerk off is gonna be a bust, but you would be wrong. He pulls it off, quite literally, stroking his pretty meaty cock and splashing his cum out for the guys by the end of it all.

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He’s got a pretty hot body too, a little muscle in all the right places and a little fur all over too. He’s definitely not your average porn performer, not like a lot of the other guys they get on the site with their glistening muscles and fake tan, lying about their experience and overflowing with confidence to the point of nausea.

It’s actually pretty refreshing to see a guy being real. This is a genuine shoot with a real nervous guy playing with his juicy dick and getting his cream pumping out.

You’ll be bother turned on and stroking with him, and want to give him a hug at the same time – after everything else, of course lol

He’s apparently into being dominant, which is surprising considering he’s so timid and shy in every other respect.

As long as he can get through it and start to have more fun in front of the cameras I think we’re gonna be seeing a lot more after this.

Horny jock Rex Tanner getting his cock out for a wank hairy jock Rex Tanner wanking on a couch Jock in jeans jerking off Horny jock jacking off on a couch Jock with tattoos stroking his hard cock jock with a hard cock jerking off jock cummingClick through and watch Rex Tanner getting his cock out and splashing his cum from his dick in his nervous wanking solo video. I’m looking forward to seeing him being teamed up with one of their other guys after this. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of him.

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  1. Aaron95

    I guess he’s kind of cute but I don’t think he’s anything special. He’s a bit too average in my opinion. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself and how could a guy not be having fun stroking his cum out? I think he’s gonna be a one-time performer.


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