Straight guy ass play with Dustin Holloway! He loves to get fucked!

Republished Jan 13th 2016 due to popularity

Dustin Holloway Men Of MontrealI know this is going to get a lot of eyes rolling, but Dustin Holloway {@DustinHollowayX} is one of those straight guys who loves to get fucked in the butt. Hang on, say whaaa? He’s straight, but he’s done gay porn and he loves a cock in his hole. That’s not actually as strange as you might think.


So Dustin identifies as straight, but he’s done some gay porn in the US and wanted to try out for some action in Canada too.

He’s one of those guys who knows where his prostate is, and I guess he knows that a hard cock is the best way to get to it too. Now you’re all probably going through an internal rant about him being “in denial” and actually being gay, or bi, but there are actually a lot of guys out there like him.

I know a guy who is exactly the same. My bodybuilder friend isn’t open about it, but he says he has a fetish for a few things, but that it doesn’t make him bisexual because he doesn’t have any romantic feelings or relationship goals when it comes to men. He has no interest at all in snuggling up to watch Brokeback Mountain (believe me, I tried!)

My bodybuilder buddy loves mutual jerking, loves to see and feel a hard dick, and (somewhat separately) he loves to be submissive and get fucked in the butt too – if he had a choice he would be with a transsexual. He basically says that his cock fun is a fetish, and his anal fun is because he likes being dominated and knows what his prostate can do – and it’s easier to use a cock to get to it because plenty of guys want to fuck him, and it’s preferable to share that with someone who has a cock, rather than a cold toy and a lot of exploration lol

Regardless of what you or I think about it all, there is a difference between sex and relationships, that’s what us gay folk regularly say when some right wing cunt is trying to define us by what we do in bed, right? We can’t have it both ways, we can’t argue against it when some little dictator claims it’s all about cock and then also complain about how other men define their sexuality, and suggest it’s all about cock! lol

So, moving on from that… (why the fuck do I get so political?)

This is a hot debut video and one that I think is gonna get him a lot of fans on the site too. I do love me some straight guy ass play in a solo scene, and he really likes to show off his perfectly smooth manhole while he’s jacking off, fingering himself and showing us his hard dick with some posing.

He’s also real handsome with a great body, and pretty rugged too, like he should be working on a ranch somewhere, spitting chewing tobacco and adjusting the bulge in his Levi’s. Okay, now I’m gonna go off on a Cowboy fantasy, I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned Brokeback!

All that hole fingering and showing his dick to the world definitely gets him off, with a hot load splashing from his cock head 🙂

He’s apparently going to be back to share that straight guy ass with some of the other dudes on the site this summer, and I have to say I’m looking forward to that. He’s a hot guy I wouldn’t mind having as a fuck buddy!

Dustin Holloway at Men Of Montreal


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