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Straight muscle top William Seed slams the cum out of Jessy Bernardo in Exposure Part 1

If you’re in the mood for some mensroom cruising, you could do worse than being caught by this seriously hot straight muscle top!

Jessy Bernardo fucked by William Seed in Exposure Part 1Video title: Exposure Part 1

Click to visit and watch videosMassive hunk William Seed was just minding his own business taking a piss in the mensroom when he stepped out to find horny daddy dude Jessy Bernardo tugging on his meat and giving him the eye.

He plays the part of the shocked straight guy, but moments later he gives in and grabs that dick. I wish it always went like that, but if you’ve ever tried to catch the eye of a horny straight man in a mensroom you know 90% of the time they walk away.

But the 10% of the guys curious enough to share their dick with you make that totally worth it 🙂

William is one such guy, seemingly having second thoughts about leaving and coming back to aggressively grab that meat just before they’re interrupted by another dude who actually seems just as willing to join the cock play session!

They flee, with William in hot pursuit of his new friend, determined to give him every inch of his now rampant cock.

Out in the woods and far away from further interruption William feeds his new buddy his drooling cock, fucking Jessy’s mouth and working up to the main event.

Naked and craving more, our straight muscle top takes it all the way, sinking his hard inches into Jessy, fucking him with real aggression as every incredible muscle of his body strains and bulges.

The sight of Jessy jerking his thick meat while he rides that cock is awesome, but I definitely prefer to see this big muscle man in control with his incredible physique working to get that cum load gushing out!

The two have no idea they’re being filmed from a distance by a mysterious voyeur, but something tells me we’re gonna find out more about that in the coming scenes!

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