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Straight jock gets some ass! Aspen fucks Luke Adams

Title: Through These Binoculars

through-these-binoculars-luke-adams-and-aspenI’m not too sure he plays a convincing straight jock but who the fuck cares when the action is this good?

MORE-VIDEOS-THIS-WAY1Aspen is feeling horny and needs to get off, and like any pervy jock dude he turns to checking out hot girls on the street. Yeah, girls, apparently lol

Instead, he gets a great view of Luke Adams, but this hunky dude doesn’t mind being spied on it seems, in fact he’s looking for more.

Before you know it the two are meeting for the first time and Aspen is getting off in a way he didn’t expect, sucking cock and getting his own delicious dick licked and slurped, before turning his attention to that tight jock ass.

A little rimming and a whole lot of hardcore butt fucking has the two new buddies splashing out their hot cum loads, and it seems Aspen isn’t so much of a straight jock any more.

Now, I don’t want to be a creeper, but if it gets me some hot ass like that I think I might have to spend some more time perving on dudes 🙂

Yeah, I think Aspen might have taken one too many cocks to be considered a straight jock these days, but who the fuck am I to describe another dudes sexuality?

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