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Paul Cannon is on the case, tracking down leads and servicing hard dicks to get information

I only hope that if I went missing one of my fuck buddies would be out there looking for me, and I don’t mind if they get plenty of cock while they do it!

Paul Cannon and Noah Jones in the Lost Tapes part twoVideo title: The Lost Tapes Part 2 – Noah Jones & Paul Canon

Click to visit and watch videosIf you haven’t seen part one of this story then I recommend going to check out Wesley Woods getting fucked by Noah Jones and then disappearing. It’s pretty damn hot, but mainly because I think Wesley looks a little like Ryan Reynolds and I have a massive crush on that dude.

Naoah Jones fucking Wesley WoodsThe story is that Wesley disappeared, and Paul Cannon searching for information as he tries to track him down. He’s caught up with Noah Jones to get some answers, but don’t be thinking cock is off the menu.

For part two we join Paul as he confronts the last man his friend took a dick from, demanding answers from sexy bearded dude Noah.

But, as you can probably imagine, Noah isn’t saying much, at least not before Paul offers his mouth and ass for that hot cock to slide into!

Yeah, obviously this is gay porn land and everything can be done with the offer of cock. Then again, even though I would be pretty distraught at my friend being missing, I wouldn’t be passing up the opportunity to enjoy some cock fun with a dude like this guy either 🙂

Paul soon has that pale jock dick in his mouth as he sucks and services Noah, then gets his ass up for that smooth dude to slide his meat into.

My favorite part of this episode is seeing Paul laying back on his shoulders with Noah pile-driving his hole as he strokes his splashing cum load out right into his own face and mouth!

Did Paul get any more information about where his friend might be? You’ll have to watch and find out.

I have to say that although I haven’t watched a whole lot of gay porn with either of these guys staring I do enjoy watching them. Paul Cannon has a great cock and he’s a really horny guy, and I think Noah Jones is technically straight, which always adds a little bit more of a thrill when you see him unloading with a dude on video.

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