It’s not quite behind the scenes, but close enough

    Are they running out of ideas or is this a clever way to deliver a behind the scenes gay porn video without actually making it that? You decide!

    behind the scenes of gay pornVideo title: Can’t Cancel My Cock – Brandon Evans & Damien Kyle

    Click to visit and watch videosDamien Kyle is a bit of a prick, it has to be said. He’s been late to set numerous times and he just seems to expect everyone to hang around and wait for him to get his shit together.

    They’re not impressed, but his attitude of “I’m an exclusive!” just makes him look even worse lol

    Seriously, it’s the kind of shit a celeb says when they can’t get a reservation at a restaurant – “Don’t you know who I am?”

    Yeah, and I don’t give a fuck lol

    Anyway, I’m sure it’s all pretend and he’s not really an asshole. Then again, does it matter if he is? What we really care about is seeing him getting fucked by Brandon Evans, who just wants to shoot a load off regardless of whether they’re filming a shoot.

    They seem to be in agreement and before long those jock dicks are out and the guys are sucking each other off, rubbing their boners together in some hot frotting, then Brandon is sinking his meat into Damien and fucking him right there on the desk until his load is spilling out.

    For some reason this behind the scenes gay porn style shoot feels like filler. It feels like they found a gap in the schedule and they just grabbed the first guys they could find to shoot something quick and easy in the office.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but when you compare it to the production value of their usual scenes this is pretty amateurish.

    Whatever, it’s two guys fucking and shooting off some loads, so I guess it serves its purpose.

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