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Inked muscle overdose – Jake Porter fucked by Jordan Levine

Okay guys, I’m gonna say it, that’s way too much ink. I know a few guys who have that much ink on their bodies, and they were all hotter before they did it. But, having said that, I still wouldn’t say no to getting the dick of this straight muscle top.

Jake Porter and Jordan Levine in EternityVideo title: Eternity

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I remember when Jordan Levine was a big and powerful muscle man just starting out in gay porn. I’m not gonna mention where he started out, because it’s a shit site these days and I don’t bother sharing anything from them on the blog any more. He was really hot back then, a horny straight man just working things out and having fun in solo videos, then getting his cock sucked, then fucking another guy in the ass… you know how it goes.

Well, he’s definitely more than just another straight muscle top these days. He’s sucking cock and having a great time with gorgeous Jake Porter in this one, taking turns to gobble dick and then stuffing in his hard meat into that ass to fuck the cream out of his younger friend.

There’s no big story of theme to this one really, it’s just a couple of hot guys enjoying their dicks and splashing out some loads. It’s worth watching if for no other reason than seeing how this straight muscle top has changed over the years.

And, Jake is just totally hot in everything he does, so you don’t really want to miss out on seeing him enjoying another stiff boner, right?

straight muscle man sucking cock Jordan Levine sucking cock handsome gay jock sucking cock inked muscle man fucking a jock up the ass handsome muscled and tattooed man fucking a smooth younger jock on a bed handsome smooth jock laying on a bed and being fucked smooth jock laying back with his legs up being fucked in the ass by another man powerful muscle man fucking a smooth younger jock laying back on a bed and jerking off a jock cums over himself while a muscle man fucks his ass big tattooed muscle man cums after fucking a smooth jock bottomClick through for the video and enjoy, and leave a comment below if you remember when Jordan started out. What do you think of how he’s changed over the years? Do you prefer him the way he is now or were you into the smooth and slick muscle jock he was back then?

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I'm Dick, I'm a horny guy living in London England and I get off on straight guys, uncut cocks, big cum loads and muscular guys enjoying themselves. I want this blog to be a cool place for horny guys to see some of the best videos with the hottest performers, and share opinions and comments from you guys too. Stick around, follow and enjoy!

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  1. Aaron95

    Jordan used to be a lot hotter than he is now. I don’t know what they do there with their lighting but it seems as though they wash out color. The same is true of daddy guy Dennis. He used to be a lot hotter when he was shooting for Sean Cody but now his videos make him look like he needs to go out and get some sun.


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