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I think I need some help like this around the house! Hairy top Teddy fucks Beau

Videos like this one make me think that maybe I should be hiring some home help, then again I know if this was my life I would never get any work done!

Teddy Torres and Beau Reed

Video title: SuPERVisor Part 1 – Teddy Torres & Beau Reed

Video length 21:25

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Teddy Torres is the sweet looking hairy top sent by the male maid service to help out horny professional Beau Reed at his house, but as you can probably imagine this guy doesn’t just want some regular dusting done around the place.

No, it’s the cobwebs up his ass this guy needs removing, and after a little dominant power play with Beau perfecting Teddy’s sexy uniform they’re getting down to the task at hand.

With a grab of his cock bulge Beau makes it clear what he expects from this professional service, and the hairy top is more than happy to please his customer as he gets his hard uncut cock out and starts sucking on the throbbing and thick tool his new employer is offering.

With Beau’s impressive battering ram throbbing and oozing precum Teddy gets his own gorgeous uncut cock sucked, made even harder by a tight cock ring around his hairy root. I have to admit that while some other guys don’t like seeing cock rings in their porn videos I know they’re great for making a dick like his really throb, and the cum loads you can fire off wearing one are fucking immense.

The horny home office worker is soon giving up his hot hole for Teddy to eat out, prepping it for his intact boner to slide into, fucking him right there over his desk, then giving the beefy guy a ride on his meat until he’s jerking out a fountain of cum from his cock!

With Beau satisfied that he’s been given the kind of service he needed Teddy gets his own milky mess erupting from his hairy top dick and we’re all joining in with them.

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