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Hairy bottom hunk Wesley Woods disappears, and all we have a fuck video with Noah Jones!

With a hairy bottom hunk going missing without warning, we start a new series from one of the best gay porn sites in the business.

Noah Jones and Wesley Woods in the Lost Tapes scene 1Video title: The Lost Tapes Part 1

Thank god we’re not chasing a witch through the woods with this one! That’s all I could think about when I saw the title. They’re known for their parody videos, but I guess they would be running a little late with a Blair Witch porn movie lolBig uncut cocks in a flip flop fuck with Sunny Colucci & Francois Sagat

The story for this one is actually pretty sinister, and I’m already hoping it has a happy ending and doesn’t finish up with someone being killed after a random hook up with a mass murdering fuck head on Grindr.

Come on guys, we all know the risks exist, don’t freak out about it. And hey, at least it’s safer than potentially meeting the next Hannibal on Craigs List.

Hairy bottom hunk Wesley Woods has gone missing, and the only thing Paul Cannon has to try to track him down is a video he found on his laptop of him sucking the long cock of horny smooth twink Noah Jones and taking that shaft in his fuck hole.

I do love Wesley. Something about him reminds me of Ryan Reynolds, and who doesn’t want to imagine that handsome hunk of manly muscle taking a cock up his ass?

That’s what this opening scene is all about, watching Wesley taking that dick in his ass and being banged to a cum plashing finish by Noah.

It’s a great duo, without getting too arty farty the contrast of smooth boy Noah with inked and hairy jock dude Wesley is pretty fucking horny. The fact that Noah is also apparently straight makes it even hotter.

You know, if the producers had been smart they would have added some clues into the video to give the fans something to follow, kind of involving them in the story. I know it’s porn, but come on guys, it wouldn’t help to make a mystery like this a little more special by leaving clues for eager fans to find 🙂

Okay, maybe I have too much time on my hands, I admit it.

Wherever this story goes it’s hot to see this hairy bottom getting the cum fucked out of him by Noah, it got me jerking it that’s for sure.

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