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Cheaters Part 2 – Davey Wavey arrives to help Alex Mecum and Thyle

Every now and then a gay porn video appears that surprised even me, and I’m a jaded old fool. For this one we have a special cameo that I wasn’t expecting, and although the story is fucking strange, the action is fucking hot.

Alex Mecum feeds Thyle his big muscle cock

Video title: Cheaters Part 2

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First of all I need to point out that I have no idea if YouTube star Davey Wavey usually makes cameos in gay porn like this, I’m guessing he might have done this before given how open and free he is with his horniness. He certainly looks good appearing in a porn video even if we don’t get to see him enjoying any hardcore fun.

The action is saved for Alex Mecum and Thyle Knoxx.

So, the story, where do I begin? Alex is obsessed with Davey, and it’s pissing Thyle off no end. He decides to test his lover’s loyalty by creating a fake profile pretending to be Davey, just to see if he can catfish his muscled lover into a hook up.

Of course it works and Alex sets up the fuck date. But obviously it’s not Davey actually walking in to get that cock, it’s Thyle in a ridiculously convincing mask that doesn’t exist. A little special effects action and Thyle reveals himself to the surprise of Alex.

Caught about to fuck a celebrity, Alex is in trouble, but it’s nothing some cock sucking and ass fucking won’t fix. Alex rams his big meat into hung Thyle and gives him the cum load he was saving for Davey, and we’re all left wondering whether this unconvincing story was really worth it. The action between these guys is hot, and seeing Davey in a video is pretty cool, but this is all a little bit too much of a set up and it would have been better to think of something a little more real and just get to the action.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the video, after clicking through to watch it, of course!

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