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Can you imagine being caught spying by these two? Manuel Skye becomes the meat in their sandwich

The fun continues for my favorite new straight muscle top in Exposure Part 2, with a new dude being made to take it in a gay outdoor threesome fuck.

voyeur caught jacking off watching two men having sex

Video title: Exposure Part 2

Click to visit and watch videosIf you didn’t see the first release in this series then you should definitely go and check that out.

As a little bit of a recap, let me remind you how this all started.

Gorgeous straight muscle top William Seed was in a mens room taking a piss when he caught Jessy Bernardo flashing him his cock and jerking off. He acted the part of the disgusted straight jock pretty well, walking out in outrage, but then he was back to grab that dick and get some action.

The two were interrupted enjoying some light cock play, so they made a dash for it and ended up out in the woods, sucking cock and fucking hard and mean.

We finished that one with the guys being filmed by an unknown voyeur, and so we get to part 2.

Sexy hunk Manuel Skye is the one watching them and filming their fun, his big cock out and in his fist as he jerks off to the live show. We would all be the same though, can you imagine walking up to find these two going at it out in the open like that?

Needless to say, he’s soon discovered, and chased back to his car where he’s captured by the two horny fuckers.

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He might not have been expecting to become the meat in a hard dick sandwich but that’s what he gets as the two rampant men decide to teach him a lesson and give him what he so clearly craves.

With their big cocks in his mouth and their precum sliding down his throat he gets an awesome gay outdoor threesome fucking from the two horny men, a cock in his ass and one in his mouth, his pucker licked out, his dick wanked and sucked, ultimately getting splashed with hot cum as the two men use him for their entertainment.

Wiping fresh cum from his face he asks the two if he’s free to go after taking both their big meaty dicks, and let him depart.

But, if you can believe it, these two horny fuckers still have more cum to shoot from their cocks and we end with them suggesting another round of hardcore fun!

I don’t know what part 3 is going to bring, but if it’s half as horny as this threesome session I’m going to be pumping out another big load to it.I have to admit that I am now officially a total fanboy for William. The guy is so fucking gorgeous, he has an amazing body, and that hooded pink muscle cock is so fucking gorgeous too.

I’m convinced that we’re going to see a whole lot more from this sexy straight top dude in the coming months and I can’t wait to see him getting off with plenty of their other guys.

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