Uncut straight jock Marty – is Maskurbate losing its edge?

Things are going a little dodgy over at Maskurbate. I’m not sure how I feel about the themes of the scenes they’re starting to produce there. Case in point; the new jack off video with sexy uncut jock Marty.

Good looking straight man seduced into jerking off on camera

Where’s the mask, bro?

Video title: Free Grocery For Marty

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Okay, so lets get right into it and point out that the very start of this new video is distinctly lacking any mask.

We already knew that the whole mask concept for this site was a little weak. I’m not Lois Lane, she was a moron, if a buddy of mine was on that site beating his meat you wouldn’t blind me with a mask around his eyes.

But, we accepted this, because it’s the Maskurbate site and they manage to find some of the hottest hunks to get their uncut dicks out for the fans.

The initial concept of these masks might be ridiculous enough for many of you out there, they may as well have just given their guys some 1980’s glasses and slicked their hair down with a slightly different style, but they’re going even more ridiculous right now and abandoning the masks almost entirely, making the entire theme of the whole site redundant.

Muscle jock showing his abs while wearing a mask

Hey Marty, we’ve already seen you, we know you’re gorgeous.

What is the point in that? We already know what he looks like, we already know he’s a gorgeous jock dude, why bother with the mask at all by this point?

The story here makes things even more ridiculous. He’s leaving the grocery store when the camera man – conveniently carrying his equipment and ready to accost random strangers, propositions him, on camera, to come and jack off and shoot a load for money.

Marty agrees after a little negotiation, but only if he can wear the mask.

Yeah, he just had a camera in his face while being propositioned and NOW he want’s to do it as long as he can wear a mask?

If I didn’t know this is all just a really weak theme, I would be thinking he’s too naive and moronic to be legally able to make his own decisions. Shouldn’t he have a carer with him to help him navigate the world?

Regardless, he soon ends up back at a conveniently close “storage unit” the cameraman just happens to have access to, getting naked and showing off his pretty damn fine body and that growing uncut jock cock.

It has to be said that the dude is damn hot, and his cock is real nice too. I don’t think there are many guys out there who would disagree with the suggestion that we need to see a lot more of him in the future.

muscle jock showing his hard uncut cock sexy muscle man smiling and wanking his uncut cock naked muscle jock wearing a mask and jerking off

It would have just been better to have the new guy come in and say a little about himself, why he’s there, why he’s wearing a mask, and then get down to business. All this faffing around and trying to create a story, which ultimately fails entirely to convince anyone, isn’t doing them any favors.

You might be thinking I’m being a bitch, it’s unfair, but this isn’t the first time they’ve done this. Over the last year they’ve been manufacturing lame stories for more and more of their guys and scenes, and it’s just not working (in my opinion).

For example:

The time they supposedly had Enio Guardi hitchhiking into the city just to buy new underwear, then jacking off in the store.

Or how about the time we were miraculously there in the apartment of new muscle hunk David Boss when his porn star “landlord” came to make a deal and suck him off?

This is basically what 90% of other sites out there do, it’s nothing new, it’s the same weak ass stories and themes and not doing this is what made Maskurbate something different.

It works for some sites, if they start out that way and they don’t have a singular theme incorporated into their brand, but Maskurbate isn’t one of those sites.

Can you imagine if Englishlads abandoned their straight British boys exploring new things on camera for money and started shooting poorly constructed fiction with famous European gay porn stars?

All it’s doing is leading them further and further away from what the theme of the site was supposed to be – hot guys wanting to stay somewhat anonymous while they get their dicks out and jack off, then come back to explore some new things with other guys.

I remember when the site started and we had great jerk off videos with handsome straight men like Marty, without all the stories and the elaborate routines about why they were there. It was simple, the men were found at the gym or answered an ad, they were married, or in relationships, or didn’t want to be known, and they performed with a mask.

See? Isn’t that simple? Doesn’t that make sense?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a fucking great site with great guys playing with their big dicks and shooting off hot loads, but I think I speak for many when I say that the “fantasies” they’re creating are just too much and make no sense most of the time.

Ultimately this new video is a hot jack off session with a great guy enjoying his uncut meat, but I could have done without all the bullshit, and the stupidity of showing him without a mask while he’s supposedly negotiating to only jack off wearing one.

straight muscle man wearing a mask and jacking off straight jock cumming while wearing a mask masked and naked man happy after jacking off

Maskurbate is like the sex shop calling itself Dildos Are Us but now they only sell porn DVD’s. There’s a branding problem, and the weak stories they’re creating are over-the-top and unbelievable thanks to the holes in the theory.

It’s the best friend lying to you needlessly about something they didn’t need to exaggerate, and you nod along and pretend you’re falling for their rubbish simply because you don’t want them to feel bad by calling them out on their bullshit.

Well, Maskurbate, I love you, but I’m calling you out.

Yeah, porn is supposed to be a fantasy, but it needs to be at least half convincing, and this just isn’t.

Please, for the love of God, get back to inviting anonymous straight men into the studio to jack off, get sucked and maybe share some mutual jerking. Convince them over time to drop the mask if you really need to start showing how good looking they are.

Regardless of my criticism of this trend on the site, they still make amazing videos with some of the hottest guys and you really should check it out.

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