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Who wouldn’t want to be rescued by this wanking lifeguard?

The two words wanking lifeguard should be enough to grab any horny guy by the balls and make him want to watch this stud in action!

Wanking his lifeguard dick on videoVideo title: Lifeguard Cums To Your Rescue

Massive muscle man Joshua Armstrong always knows how to get our dicks throbbing and our precum drooling, there’s no doubt about that.Muscle man Joshua Armstrong lube up wank off

Whether you’re into muscle men or not, you have to admit that seeing this guy stroking the loads out of his rock solid dick is a massive fucking turn on.

The fact that he’s so verbal in his wank videos and usually shoots off so much cum at the end of them only makes him even more fucking hot to watch.

For this one he’s playing the part of a horny lifeguard who knows how to rescue someone.

Okay, if I’m dying and struggling for breath after being pulled from the water perhaps watching him get his stiff cock out and stroking himself off isn’t going to help me much, but hey, at least it would take my mind off of things and give a great parting gift!

Any opportunity to see this massive man enjoying his dick and spewing his cum out should not be missed, just make sure you watch this wanking lifeguard video with the sound on so you can hear this verbal hunk encouraging you to blast your wad with him 🙂

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