Joshua Armstrong nude and wanking in the military?

Man, I love these verbal wank videos. It’s even hornier when it’s a themed scene like this one from the hottest muscle man in the UK.

Muscle man wanking on videoVideo Title: The Winner Fucks The Loser

Click to see full Joshua Armstrong videos Click to read my review of the siteI tell you what, Joshua Armstrong has a fucking horny imagination, he’s always coming up with new and interesting themes and backstories for his videos, and this one is damn horny to watch.

I guess some of these are from the fans too, though, he’s always taking what his fans find hot and making it into a horny cock stroke session like this one.

For this new video, the muscle hunk is in the military and involved in an underground fight club. I know what you’re thinking, he shouldn’t ever risk damaging those handsome good looks.

Don’t worry, we don’t actually have to endure seeing him getting beaten, but even if the theme was that elaborate and he did actually have someone there to spar with I think we all know who would come out on top.

The twist to this story is that the loser has to give up their ass for the other to fuck… I’m not gonna give away who that might be, not that it matters too much seeing as this is really all about Joshua Armstrong nude and stroking his amazing muscle cock to get that cum spewing.

That’s why we love watching this guy though, we get off on seeing the handsome hunk stroking himself off as he gets verbal, posing for the fans and pleasuring his solid dick while he talks dirty and gets that cum load up for splashing out.

To be honest, I’m happy just to see Joshua Armstrong nude and throbbing, wanking his dick and getting his jizz pumping, but the whole verbal thing, the muscle flexing and the themes behind his videos are always so fucking hot too, they really add to it.

No one else out there is doing what this British muscle man is doing, and even if there were they wouldn’t be anywhere near as fucking horny as he is.

If you haven’t seen him enjoying that cock and putting on an amazing show then you need to click through and browse his videos, there’s a lot there to enjoy and you’re definitely gonna be hooked.

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