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Huge and hunky muscle man Joshua has got the moves!

Who would have known that this big muscle man would have such groovy moves? Check out our favourite gay muscle worship star as he becomes a stripper for the fans.

Muscle man stripper jacking off on videoVideo title: Big Bad Strip Dance

Click to visit and watch videosAside from the time a couple of months ago when I found myself dancing ridiculously to the 90’s hit Saturday Night with a friend from my school days, I don’t show off my moves very often. The main reason being that I tend to look like a giraffe having a seizure whenever I even attempt to “throw some shapes”.

Beating off with massive muscle man JoshuaThankfully, Joshua Armstrong has actual skills when it comes to grooving for his fans, as you’ll see from this incredibly sexy strip show themed session from our favourite gay muscle worship star.

He’s looking hot in his glasses, but they’re not on his handsome face for long as he gets into his performance, showing off his incredible body, revealing his hot muscle ass, gyrating and swaying until we’re desperate to see that big cock out of his underwear.

When he gives us what we need we’re all pretty much drooling and totally under his spell, watching him stroking his big cock, listening to him being so verbal in that sexy northern accent.

Really, if you’re not on the edge of unloading a massive mess by the time his pink balls are pulling up and his long and solid shaft is just about to start splashing out a fountain of muscle man juice, you need to go back to the start and watch it again.

I always say this about his videos but it needs to be said again, if you usually watch porn with the sound down, turn it up for this guy.

Now, do as you’re told and go and watch some of his free videos on his site, you’ll be hooked when you do.

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