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Frat bro sex – it’s not gay in college, right?

Just like any other horny gay British guy I have a real lust for American college guys. I don’t know why but I guess it was my exposure to American gay porn back in the 90’s (shit, showing my age). Frat bro sex is seriously hot for guys like me, naturally I had to share this video with you guys.

JD Phoenix and Blaze Austin are having frat boy sex

Frat Bro Sex with JD Phoenix and Blaze Austin at Icon Male

Video title: Frat Bro Time!

Click for the video, scroll down for more pics

I can’t imagine what I would have been like if I attended an American college with all those gorgeous frat guys around me all the time. I was bad enough here in the UK gobbling off horny straight lads at parties and in the showers. I would probably have been kicked out for my behaviour if I was in the US.

If I were JD Phoenix and I had gorgeous jock dude Blaze Austin to lust after I think I probably would have been perpetually wanking at the prospect of getting that dick.

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It’s all about the frat bro sex in this video, with JD finally making his move on his sexy and shy friend and getting exactly the result he was hoping for. The guys are hot enough but the setting of “frat house gym” just makes my dick twitch and leak even more.

These guys have a great time sucking cocks and fucking right there on the mat, finishing up in a mess of sweat and cum, slippery and sticky, and well worth watching more than once. Take a look at some of the pics.

If you’re an American, do you get our infatuation with college jocks and frat guys? Is it just a fetish for the rest of us? Let me know in the comments. Click through for the video.

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