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Two straight boys mutual wanking, and having a lot of fun

There are a lot of things I love to see on video, but watching two straight jocks mutual wanking, frotting their uncut cocks together and shooting off their loads is one of the best things ever.

Gallery title: Straight Lads Joel Jenkins & Caspar Hamilton Jerk Each Other’s Big Uncut Cocks!

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It’s been a while since we last saw Caspar Hamilton. Back in May we saw the horny straight teen getting his 7.5″ uncut cock out for some mutual wanking with another guy, rubbing cocks with fellow straight lad Luke McCormick and shooting off their creamy loads together. I started to think that maybe that was it for the guy and he’d already reached his limit when it comes to enjoying some dick play with other dudes, but it turns out I was wrong.

He’s back, and with terrible hair, to enjoy some more mutual cock stroking fun with one of our other fave straight boys on the site.

It’s been even longer since we last saw Joel Jenkins on the site. Back in December 2016 we watched the boy getting some mutual cock play with straight inked lad Barclay Graham, with a whole lot of mutual rubbing, cock slapping, frotting and cumming between the horny guys.

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Well, this time we’re getting more cock play with these straight boys as they reveal their uncut dicks, slide their foreskins back and show off for the fans.

Pretty soon Joel is rock hard, his cock head damp and shiny and pointing up to the ceiling. His buddy isn’t shy about his dick either, it’s soon a thick and throbbing pink length of fuckmeat looking like it’s gonna need a whole lot of stroking before it goes down.

I love the play between guys like these, when they face each other on the bed with their hard meat jutting out in front of them they spend a little time staring at each other’s lengths, swinging their cocks around and slapping their dicks against each other.

Caspar reaches down and grabs their cocks, slapping them together, wanking them both. I love frottage, and I love seeing a couple of straight guys like these so clearly into it as they feel the other guy’s cock against his own. You can tell they’re having a lot of fun as they rub their dicks together and make their shafts bulge and bounce.

Kicking back to wank some more the lads grab each other and lend their new friend a hand, their boners leaking precum in their fists as they savor the feel of another guy’s stick in their grip.

Caspar’s cock is so thick and pink, I think I would be sucking on that thing for him if I was in the room and watching these guys having so much fun.

After some teasing with the two straight boys showing off their virgin holes it’s time for them to kick back and wank themselves off, watching porn while they stroke their foreskins back and forth over their swollen tips, pumping hot cum from their cocks together.

You can tell they’re trying to keep their eyes on the pussy porn playing in front of them but the moment one cock starts to pump juice out the other isn’t far behind.

Click through for the full uncut gallery with these guys rubbing their meat together and shooting off their cum loads, and leave a comment below. Are you glad to see these two guys back for more dick play?

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