The 8 hottest new straight guys to watch at EnglishLads

We all know that EnglishLads is the best place to go for horny and willing straight lads getting their cocks out with each other and exploring new things, and if you didn’t already know that, you do now. They have a long history of finding some of the sexiest straight amateur guys from the local gyms and clubs to show off in front of the camera, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to the number of gorgeous straight dudes they can convince into exploring some man-on-man fun.

I don’t know where they keep finding all these incredibly daring young straight guys, but I hope that well of hotness never dries up.

I’ve been looking through some of their recent finds and I thought you guys would like to see them. So, check out the 8 hottest new arrivals, guys we all want to see doing a lot more and probably will see at least being wanked off and sharing some cock frotting with other dudes.

Straight jock Jamie Black at EnglishladsJamie Black

He’s a handsome and horny 22-year-old dude with handsome good looks and a body to die for. He’s the brother of another of their brand new performers (Rowan Black) and has no shame when it comes to getting his cock out. He’s one of those guys you see at the gym proudly striding around the locker room with his 7″ uncut cock swinging out in front of him, loving all the attention from curious guys who just can’t look away.

Obviously, this guy is a real gym-rat. Apparently, when they first met up with him he was a lot bigger and more rotund after bulking up, so they asked him to trim down a little. He started boxing, which quickly got him down to the more toned and defined hunk we now get to wank off over.

That’s a good sign, it means he’s likely in this for the long-haul and we’re probably gonna get to see him enjoying that uncut cock with some of the other guys in the future. There’s a rumor that he’s already been in a frotting session with one of the other guys and had a good time rubbing cocks with another one of their new straight guys.

So far we’ve seen him in a photo shoot comparing cocks with his brother and then watching each other wanking out their loads in the sun. That video should be arriving soon, so make sure you check out the other posts featuring him.


Gay porn star Rufus FitzroyRufus Fitzroy

From the second he arrived he had boners popping up all around the world. He’s so fucking sexy it’s unreal, and he doesn’t seem to be one of those guys who knows it. He’s not full of himself, but then even if he was the arrogant type I don’t think any of us would really care as long as we get to see him enjoying that 7.5″ uncut cock and sharing it with some of the other guys.

He’s a 21-year-old straight guy who works out a lot and enjoys boxing too, which makes me think he might be a buddy of Jamie Black (above). If that’s the case then I think we’re probably likely to see the two of them together to enjoy a mutual wanking session. They love to shoot videos with a couple of straight friends stroking each other and frotting their dicks, and I think I speak for everyone when I say “yes please!”

He’s gorgeous from head to toe, from his handsome face to his tight abs, his uncut cock, his tight little ass…

So far we’ve only seen him in a solo photo shoot, getting his hard uncut cock out and showing off every inch of his sexy body, including flashing his virgin straight guy ass, before pumping a hot mess of straight jock cum out of his hooded dick and decorating his tight abs with his load.

We should be getting his debut video very soon, so click through and see how far he’s gone by the time you’ve got here.

Ex on the beach star Brandon MyersBrandon Myers

This horny British guy is going to be a bit of a controversial choice. You might know him from appearing on the UK TV show “Ex on the Beach”, but gay porn fans know him for being an incredibly hung and uncut guy who doesn’t seem to mind showing off his impressive 9-inch dick for the guys to enjoy.

The reason it’s a controversial choice is that this guy is most definitely straight and it’s highly unlikely that we’re gonna see him doing anything with another one of their straight guys on the site.

We’ve had one shoot with the guy getting his big cock out and wanking himself off, but that came at a price for existing members who had to pay AGAIN to see the photos. You would think that if you’re already a member of a site, you should have access to everything they offer without having to pay another fee just to see some photos.

From what I’ve heard this didn’t go down too well with the fans and it didn’t do a whole lot to to make them any extra money. His cock is already out there for anyone who wants to see it. We can only assume that if the members do get a video of him wanking that big uncut cock there will be an additional price for that too, so why would anyone bother?

So, while he is on our list of guys to keep an eye on, we really don’t think we’re gonna be seeing him back there enjoying any mutual wanking or cock frotting with any of the other guys on the site, unfortunately. Even so, click through to see if he’s done anything else since this post was published.

Straight muscle jock Albie WicksAlbie Wicks

I’m not entirely convinced that Albie is actually 19-years-old as claimed on the site, the ink he has suggests that he’s a little older than that and most likely in his early 20’s. But we don’t particularly care about that, we’re more interested in seeing him enjoying his 7-inch uncut cock and wanking out some cum with some of the other horny straight guys on the site.

As you can obviously tell, Albie loves to work out and spends a lot of his time at the gym. He’s also into playing Rugby, which bodes extremely well for his future on the site. You know what those Rugby players are like, they’re always getting their cocks out together and seem to have no shame when it comes to shooting off loads with other dudes – whatever feels good and gets them off is usually totally fine by them.

He’s a handsome guy with a great body and a real nice cock, not shy at all about getting his dick out and wanking himself to a cummy explosion.

We’ve seen him in a solo photo shoot, enjoying his own cock and rubbing a hot load of ball juice out, but we’re expecting his solo wanking video to arrive at any moment. I won’t be at all surprised to see a photo shoot with him and another guy after that, probably getting a massage and being wanked off.

Check out his profile and see what he’s done there since this post was written.

Connor Wickham

Aside from looking a little like an extra from a Quentin Tarantino movie set in the drug dens of Vegas, Connor is a handsome and horny 22-year-old straight guy who enjoys a lot of different sports, but mostly plays football and works out at the gym.

He’s lean and fit and he has almost 8-inches of uncut cock to play with, something we’ve already seen from the guy in a solo photo shoot and his debut video where he revealed all and wanked himself off to a thick and creamy cum load.

He seems to be one of those guys who doesn’t shy away from new experiences, which makes him perfect for the site. Anyone who knows what they do there will already be expecting to see him come back soon to have his cock wanked for him by one of the other guys, and likely sharing some mutual dick play and sword fighting too.

We don’t yet know how far this guy is willing to go, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we really want to see him sharing that long and throbbing cock with one of the other guys and shooting off some loads together.

Check out his tag page and see the other posts featuring him, he might have gone a lot further by the time you’re reading this!

Gay porn star Travis ClemenceTravis Clemence

I’m gonna come right out and say that Travis is my kind of guy.

He’s straight, an amateur guy, just an everyday kind of dude you might know from the pub or the football pitch. Well, you’d be more likely to know him from the Rugby pitch, as that’s his sport of choice.

And, yes, you would be right to assume that this means he’s not shy at all. You know what I said about Rugby players before, and that definitely applies to him. He’s the kind of straight guy who just wouldn’t give a fuck about things and wouldn’t hesitate to get his cock out if the opportunity was there.

And he has a real nice cock too. He packing 7-inches of hard and juicy uncut man meat, ready to be stroked and pleased, shooting off a hot load of cum in his solo photo shoot and then his debut video.

Of all the guys we’ve seen in this list, Travis is the most likely candidate for some mutual wanking and frotting with one of their other straight guys, and I don’t think it’s going to be long before we see him being jerked off and sharing some friendly cock play. Click to see all his posts.

straight guy James HarrisonJames Harrison

I have to admit that I got James wrong when he arrived and appeared in his first wanking photo shoot. After enjoying the sight of him getting his 8-inch uncut cock out and wanking himself to a splashing cum load in that debut I was convinced that he would be a one-time performer and we probably wouldn’t see him doing anything else.

Well, I was wrong.

The fit skateboarding dude has been in two wanking videos so far, the last one being a really hot session of ass play too as he slide a long dildo up his tight hole and fucks himself with it while he strokes his stiff length and gets his cum load building up.

So, I guess we shouldn’t judge guys on that first impression. I was totally wrong about this guy and even though he looked a little too serious and a little too straight it turns out that he’s a lot more into exploring things than I would have assumed.

Still, we have to wonder why he went for a dildo solo as his second show, instead of the usual hand job all the other straight guys receive at the hands of a lucky volunteer. Click to see what else he’s done since writing this post.

Straight guy wanked off Lewis ConnellLewis Connell

Unlike James above, I was pretty on the money about handsome and fit hunk Lewis Connell. When he arrived and showed off his uncut 7-inch jock cock in his debut photo shoot I was pretty sure that he would have no trouble at all getting his dick wanked for him by another guy.

He’s a buff and handsome straight guy with the kind of personality and confident attitude that just screams “I don’t care as long as it’s fun”. He’s the kind of lad you imagine has already wanked out plenty of cum loads with his straight mates already, shameless and down for whatever.

Indeed, on his second visit we got to see him being wanked and having his cock played with, and he didn’t flinch at all.

He seemed to really enjoy that, splashing his hot load up his body in a messy climax that had plenty of the fans joining in and making a mess with him.

We haven’t seen him since that shoot, but we’re expecting to see him back to have some mutual wanking and frotting with one of the other guys any day now. Check out his model page to see the posts with him in it, there might be more since this one was written.


There you have it guys, the hottest straight new arrivals on one of the best sites in the business. Have you seen any of these guys enjoying their dicks in their shoots already? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments which guy you’re looking forward to seeing again the most, and what do you think we’re gonna get from them?

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  1. Aaron95

    All great choices. The only one I don’t really give a fuck about is Brandon Myers. Yeah he’s got a huge uncut cock but they charged more for existing members to see his photo shoot and I don’t think that’s right. Members signed up under an agreement that they can see galleries and watch videos, but there was never anything about having to pay more for certain shoots so this is really false advertising and isn’t going to help their reputation. I think it’s the only time they’ve done it but it still doesn’t sit right with me.
    I don’t think we’re gonna see anything else from Brandon. They can’t keep shooting with him and charging their already paying members more to see it. It would kill their site if they did more of that in my opinion.


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