Straight cock servicing with Ralph Clifford and Jack Windsor

Straight cock servicingI love sneaky videos like this one! Hot and inked Ralph Clifford has been somewhat duped into a straight cock servicing scene with hottie Jack Windsor, and all it took was a little tickling to have the guy naked and being wanked, and soon being sucked! Check out the trailer for this straight cock servicing video and read on if you want to find out how to get a straight dick to play with yourself…

click-for-reviewIt’s perhaps hard to understand now that Jack Windsor was a straight boy when he first arrived on the British gay porn scene to wank a cum load from his 8-inch uncut cock. Check him out in this new video as he not only wanks off another straight guy but gets sucking on Ralph Clifford too!

Ralph was very much the straight guy when he arrived, and probably still is to be honest. He swore that he would not be letting any other dude near his dick and was adamant right from the start that he was only into chicks and no guy was going to do anything with his stiffy.

It seems that these straight boys are pretty easy to persuade when you’re offering some cash and put them in the spotlight, because with a little massaging Ralph is hard and being stroked without any argument. They make out that he was a little distracted by all the tickling, but I find it hard to believe that’s all it took.

If you’ve ever tried to get a straight guy sharing his dick with you then you probably know there needs to be some inclination to do it. It might be that he’s just open-minded to whatever, or perhaps he’s a little bit bi, but all the straight guys I’ve wanked and sucked with (or fucked) have been either “free spirits” or a little drunk, or a little desperate – hey, don’t fucking judge! It’s worth it to show a straight guy what it’s like and knowing they’re amazed lol

Jack seems to love dick these days, having experienced and enjoyed quite a lot of it since his first taste, and his wanking and sucking skills are not lost on this straight guy as he reaches climax and splashes out an amazing cum load all over!

It never ceases to amaze me how horny guys get and how hard they cum when they let another dude go at their cock. I think it’s fair to say that Ralph has discovered a new pleasure with this straight cock servicing video 🙂

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