Straight guys first time – hung jock Tomas Farago fucks Chris Little

Straight guys first time Chris Little gets fucked by hung and uncut Tomas FaragoIt’s this straight guys first time, and he’s getting a very willing tight young arse for his long and uncut cock to slide up into!

straight guys Chris Little and Tomas Farago at EnglishladsGallery Title: Tom Stuff’s his Massively Long & Thick Uncut Cock up Chris’s Hole who Shoots Big!

click-for-reviewI think Chris Little was the perfect choice for this, the young man has proven himself to be a little less than entirely straight since he got his first feel and taste of another guys dick on video and his tight arse is a perfect receptacle for a hung stud like Tomas Farago to experience.

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fan boy for Tomas. When he arrived on the site I had high hopes that we’d see this guy going all the way and really enjoying himself – looks like our dreams are coming true!

The handsome and buff uncut dude has an 8.5″ cock that he’s more than willing to share with other guys.

Last time we saw him he brought his friend in for a shared wank and suck, and he really seemed to have a great time exploring things with someone he actually already knew. I would love to know how that conversation went.

This time he’s back to sink his long uncut cock into the sweet arse of young Chris to get his first topping experience, and from what I’ve seen of the photos he really enjoyed this experience too. There’s a lot of wanking, toy play, sucking and frott between them before they get to that, but once he has that cock in the young mans hole he really lets loose.

Chris takes it well, and from the look of his own hard intact dick all the way through this, and the massive cum load he fires off, he really enjoyed the feeling of that big boner up his butt.

I have a feeling this is not going to be the last time we see Tomas on video, the next step is to see him taking a dick up his bum 🙂

They’ve only released the gallery for this straight guys first time so far, but if you haven’t seen him wanking and sucking his friends cock yet then you should go and check that out while we wait for his topping scene.

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