Straight boys first time – Lachlan Scott sucks and gets fucked by Chris Little!

It’s this straight boy’s first time sucking cock and getting another guy’s cock in his ass, but something tells me we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of this from him after the fun he obviously had!

Lachlan Scott and Chris Little fucking on video at Englishlads

Video title: Straight Young Pup Lachlan Sucks and Fucked for the 1st Time & Gets Drenched in Cum!

Chris Little was definitely the right choice for this video, giving Lachlan Scott the perfect mouth to feed, a great uncut dick to suck, and a hard dick to ride for the first time.

It’s hard to believe that Chris used to be totally straight when he started out, but he knew what he wanted to do and that fist taste of another guy’s dick was all he needed. Before long he was fucking, sucking and taking other guys dicks up his ass, and having a great time.

He’s still playful about it, which is a bonus for a nervous straight guy like Lachlan. Then again, this guy doesn’t seem to have much restraint when it comes to getting his mouth on that uncut dick and tasting a boner.

Then it’s time for the straight guy to get his hole explored. Chris starts out with a toy, easing him open and showing him what he can expect, then he’s sliding his perfectly pale young dick into the guy and giving Lachlan an amazing first time.

You know you can usually tell from the cum load whether a guy enjoyed himself, and I think we can all agree that Lachlan Scott really enjoyed taking that cock!

I really didn’t think we would get to see this straight guy jumping right into it like this, but he’s perfect for the site and I know we’re gonna be getting a lot more of him after this.

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