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Straight boys anal play session, Noah and Hugo learn some new things

I’ve been loving seeing these guys sharing their uncut cocks in some great mutual jerking, now it’s time for the straight boy’s anal play session.two straight boys with massive dildos

Video title: Best friends Hugo and Noah pump each other with a dildo for the first time and shoot cum all over the bedroom

Watch the full video at Englishlada Read our review of the Englishlads siteI never thought I would see Hugo Jones and Noah Milton going this far on video, but I’m really glad they did and we get to see it. It does make me wonder just how much money needs to be thrown at a straight lad like either of these guys to get them to go this far, but then again having seen Hugo having so much fun with his best mate in their cock play sessions I get the feeling he might be a little more into this than he lets on.

Whatever, all I know is that the guy is seriously fucking hot, and watching him having fun sharing his uncut dick with his buddy is one of the horniest things on the site right now.

So, it all started for these best buddies on day one when they came in to shoot their solo sessions together.

We’ve watched these best friends flashing their hard cocks in front of each other right from the start, with Hugo clearly loving the sight of his mate’s cock bouncing and throbbing in front of him. Then the boys came back and had a lot of fun grabbing each other and wanking those cocks, frotting their dicks together for the first time and shooting off lots of cum.

You know, just the kind of stuff two horny straight wankers love to do when no one is looking lol

This time the two boys are back to go a little further and see what all the fuss is about with anal play.

Those virgin holes have never experienced this kind of thing before, but they’re in good hands as they swap, easing a toy into their friend while wanking his hard cock for him.

Seeing Hugo bent over with Noah milking his cock beneath him and sliding a toy into his virgin ass is so fucking hot!

The guys really have a lot of fun and seem to be enjoying the new sensations they’re experiencing together. Their dicks are pretty hard throughout as they swap their boners and pleasure those shafts, with the anal play adding some more thrills.

Finally, the guys lay back and really get down to their wanking, finishing off with some gushing loads of cum as their hooded dicks start splashing juice out over themselves.

Now that the two best friends have wanked each other, frotted their cocks together and played with anal toys for the first time, can we assume we’re gonna see the guys sucking those cocks for the next video? I hope so, these two mates are great together and they’re obviously having a lot of fun sharing those dicks.

You might be wondering how a couple of best mates move on from this in their personal lives. I’m guessing that once you’ve wanked your best mates cock on video for a site like this you would probably be having a lot of fun at home too, watching porn together and getting those cocks out for some friendly wanks.

At least, I hope they carry this on outside of the shoots. If you had a good mate to just enjoy porn and wanks with you would be doing it all the time too, right? You definitely would if that lad was half as fucking hot as Hugo!

Check out the straight boys anal play video on the site in full, stick around for more of these two buddies.

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Watch the full video at Englishlads Read our englishlads site review

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