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Straight boy anal play with sweet and sexy young Hunter Hay

I know a lot of the time the “bonus videos” on gay porn sites can be a bit crap, but in the case of these ones from my fave site they’re definitely not. We’re getting a full 29-minutes of extra fun with this lad, and we’re getting to see some of the hottest straight boy anal play as he explores his butt for the first time!

Straight handsome boy groping his cock in his underwear

Straight boy Hunter Hay is about to experience anal play for the first time

Video title: Bonus Video of Hunter Hay’s Photo Shoot – Cheeky Young Electrican is Back & Pumps his Hairy Hole with a Dildo! 

Click for the gallery, scroll down for pics, read my English Lads review.

Hunter Hay is one of those gorgeous young straight lads who appeared for only a very short time on the site, but he got us all cumming with him. The sexy 22-year-old electrician arrived in April 2015 to get his 8″ uncut cock out and shoot off some cum for the fans, then he returned in the summer of 2016 to try an anal toy in his ass, this is the extra footage from that first time anal play session.

Just last month he surprised us all by coming back for another video, this time getting his long uncut meat wanked off for him by another man. I guess it took him a while to decide to try going further than he had and back in 2016 he wasn’t ready for another guy to get near his dick. Does this mean we might be seeing him back to share his cock with one of the other guys in some of their famous mutual wanking and cock frotting sessions? I think so, or at least I hope so. Stick around on the blog and I’ll let you know when that happens!

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So, for this one it’s all the extra footage from his anal solo play session, and we get to see the straight boy anal play in excellent detail as he wanks his big dick, slides that toy into his hole, and fucks and wanks himself to a cum gushing finish. You can tell he had a good time, when he lets that jizz fly he makes a great sticky mess all over his chest and stomach!

Do you think he’s gonna be back for some friendly dick play with some of the other straight lads? Let me know in the comments. And go and watch the free video on the site!

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