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Otto Davies – Uncut straight boy wanked off by another guy for the first time!

Who here doesn’t love seeing a straight boy wanked by another guy for the first time? Of course, it’s something we all love to watch, which is why you’re gonna wan to click through for the full gallery.

Gallery title: Young, Tall & Straight Pup Otto gets his 1st Manhandling & Shoots a Nice Load!

Click for the full shoot, scroll down for pics, read my English Lads review

Straight boy Otto Davies has been in a couple of videos so far, first wanking the cum from his 7.5″ uncut cock in his debut solo, then returning to try some anal play in a dildo session while spunking out a mess of cum all over himself.

We kind of knew he might be back for more, but apparently it took a lot of work to get him to come back for a massage and hand job.

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He’s one of those straight and horny young guys who isn’t shy at all about getting his long uncut cock out and showing off, he seemed to really like the idea of a load of guys out there wanking off to his videos. Maybe he’s one of those guys who doesn’t think twice about getting his dick out with a buddy for some friendly wanking over porn, but he’s never touched another guy’s cock or let any other dude touch his.

That was, apparently, a line he wasn’t going to cross easily, but I guess they’re very persuasive on the site because here he is, back for a massage, getting his uncut cock stroked and played with by one of their other lads and seemingly enjoying the experience of having another guy’s experienced hands rubbing his hooded dick up and down.

I don’t yet know the name of the guy wanking him off in this shoot, but I’m pretty sure it’s Andrew Hayden. If you can confirm his name then please leave a comment and let me know too, it would be great to know for sure if that straight lad is back in action and making new videos.

Enjoy some pics of Otto getting his first man wank from another dude and having his cum stroked out of him in a messy splashing finish. Something tells me we might be seeing this straight boy wanked off again soon, and maybe with some mutual cock play and some frotting!

Click through for the full shoot, and leave a comment below if you think we’re gonna see him rubbing cocks with some of the other lads on the site.

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