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We have a new hung and uncut straight man to lust after!

I’m gonna call it now and say that this new hung and uncut straight man is going to be a massive hit with the fans in the coming few months. He’s looking incredible in his debut photo shoot and we can’t wait to see him on video and sharing that big dick with some of the other guys. This is one of those times where I become an impatient little bitch wanting to see more of the guy right now.

Handsome straight muscle jock Conall TimpsonGallery title: Muscular Straight Man Conall Shows us his Big Uncut Cock & Fires Loads of Cum!

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I’m more convinced now than ever that when they go looking for new guys to feature on the site they head to the gyms and football clubs. Just check out new guy Conall Timpson and ask yourself where you would go to seek him out. Maybe he applied to appear, but something tells me he was invited after being spotted out there looking so damn fine.

He’s a massively hunky man, 25-years-old, with a handsome face and a great body. He has a whole lot to show off, and we get to check it out in his debut shoot.

Not only is he handsome and muscled, he’s also pretty well hung, with an 8-inch uncut cock to stroke the cum from, and what a great load he strokes out of it too.

He’s got that kind of naturally horny and easygoing attitude about his dick that reminds me of Tyler Hirst. If you never saw that guy going from straight and muscle former Royal Marine to a horny versatile cock loving dude then you should go and check him out when you get the chance.

They’ve had some truly great hung and uncut straight men on the site over the years, and when they arrive they really get a lot of attention from the fans. It’s not all about the average guys and the slim young Brits there, they know how to mix things up with some real hotties like this guy.

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I have to confess that this is the kind of man I lust after at the gym, the one’s who are so damn fit and happy to show off. When you see his full shoot you’ll understand what I mean, he’s totally okay with being on display and seems to love being naked and on show for the guys. This is the kind of dude who gets naked in the locker room, throws his towel over his shoulder and then strolls to the open showers with his big cock swinging out in front of him in a constant state of semi arousal.

He might be straight, but he’s the kind of hung and uncut straight man who probably wouldn’t turn down exploring a little friendly cock play with a dude if the chance came up, and we all know that chance is definitely coming up with him on the site.

You can see he’s getting more and more turned on during the shoot, with his long cock starting to thicken up and throb in his underwear. Then, when he reveals it, he’s already chubby and quickly rising to a full hard length of uncut muscle dick in his fist, smiling and flexing while he strokes his shaft.

He even shows off his virgin muscle ass before getting back to focusing on his cum load and rubbing his cock to a creamy explosion that decorates his abs in thick and creamy man juice. Check out some of the tamer pics, but know the full gallery on the site is totally uncensored and there are a lot of photos to enjoy there.

shirtless muscle man flexing his arm in a jerk off shoot straight muscle man in a jerk off solo straight muscle man Conall Timpson showing off his body for Englishlads big straight muscle man flexing his arms wearing white underwear handsome and horny straight jock Conall Timpson laying on a bed in his underwear big and powerful muscle man Conall Timpson kneeling on a bed and flexing his muscles in his underwear straight muscle hunk Conall Timpson in a jack off solo shoot for Englishlads big and powerful muscled straight man Conall Timpson working out in his underwear muscle man in bulging underwear Straight muscle man Conall Timpson grabbing his 8-inch uncut cock through his underwearI’m really looking forward to seeing this hung and uncut straight man sharing some dick fun with one of their other guys, click through to see how far he’s gone so far. We’re probably gonna see his solo wanking video first, then get the massage and cock servicing scene after that before he gets some mutual masturbation and frotting going with one of their other straight guys, but I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna bail before that. Let me know in the comments what you think of him, will we get to see him sharing that cock with another dude in some mutual sucking or even fucking?

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  1. MuscleDick

    Wow! I can’t wait to see if gets his cock out for some mutual wanking with one of the other guys. It would be great to see him in come cock play with the other new muscle lad Albie.

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