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Mutual wanking and friendly sucking with straight boys Aiden and Ricky

Mutual wanking and sucking cock, that’s what we love to see a couple of horny uncut straight guys enjoying with each other! Check out these two having some fun.

2 straight boys in a gay porn shootGallery title: Young Straight Hunk Aiden is Back & Treats Ricky to his Big 8 Inch Uncut Erect Cock!

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It’s been more than a year since we last saw fit young straight guy Aiden Walsh and his 8-inch uncut cock. The last time he was on the site he was getting his cock sucked by straight former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst and grabbing the guy by the dick to wank him off in return. He had a great time in that one and I know a lot of the fans were expecting to see him back for more.

He apparently left the country for a year, I’m not entirely sure why but I guess he went traveling or had to leave for work, but now he’s back and ready to get right back into it.

He’s getting some fun with one of the best in this new gallery too. Ricky Hampton started out as a playful straight lad looking to make some money and have some fun, and since his first solo wank video he’s had a whole lot of fun with other straight lads, mutual wanking, sucking cock and even fucking too.

He doesn’t waste any time getting his new friend Aiden into sharing those boners in this shoot, getting his new friend’s hooded cock out and wanking him off.

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Aiden loves it, his perfectly pink and veiny dick is soon throbbing and oozing, and he doesn’t waste a moment when Ricky reveals his own intact dick.

Soon the boys was sharing some great mutual masturbation, stroking each other and frotting their hard cocks together, one length against the other as they masturbate.

Ricky has learned to love sucking cock in his time there, he soon has his lips around Aiden’s shaft, sucking and licking his helmet and foreskin while he wanks himself off.

It’s great to see a couple of horny straight lads enjoying some great mutual masturbation like this, but you can tell it’s all that sucking that has Aiden splashing a big load out over his new friend’s chest.

That’s all Ricky needs, he’s soon laying back and wanking himself off to a massive splashing fountain as jets of hot cum leap from his throbbing shaft and splat down all over him, with Aiden still slowly wanking his spent cock (still hard!) and amazed by the sight of all that semen spewing everywhere.

Ricky Hampton and Aiden Walsh wanking and sucking straight guys groping cocks straight guys comparing cocks two straight guys in a mutual masturbation shoot straight guy grabbing another straight guys cock horny straight guys get their cocks out 2 straight boys in gay porn straight guys mutual wanking straight boys mutual jack off straight boys mutual jerk off two horny straight guys wanking together straight guys mutual masturbation and cock sucking straight guys cock frotting Aiden Walsh and Ricky Hampton at EnglishladsI think we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of Aiden after this. He clearly has a whole lot of fun swapping cock with another guy and I don’t think it’s gonna be long before we see him sucking another guys cock. Click through and check him out frotting and being sucked.

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  2. Aaron95

    I love Ricky, he’s one of the most fun guys to watch. I had a feeling he would be a little more daring about enjoying dick when I saw his first video and he’s really lived up to that. Aiden is a sexy guy too, I didn’t think he was going to be into frotting and wanking with another guy but here he is having a great time. His dick really seems to enjoy all that rubbing and Ricky does a great job sucking his uncut boner for him. A great duo with a couple of great horny straight guys!

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